Saturday, July 17, 2010

Puppies and Shoes and Soap, Oh My!!

"The hurrier I go, the behinder I get!" Somebody important said that but I have no idea who, but they were right on the money!!

I've managed to miss the last two "Wednesday Wanderings" posts so if, by chance, you were wondering about them, well, I'll be back next week!! (I promise...) (I think...)

Today I have a cute little bear and some yummy soap to talk about...

As you may know, I have a second shop called Magnolia's Attic where I sell vintage items. I had listed some baby shoes which were bought by a lovely lady who makes the most fantastic bears and puppies and bunnies that you can imagine. She was kind enough to send me a photo of the puppy who now wears these little shoes...

Meet Blondie Sue, the Cocker Spaniel! Isn't she adorable? She is now residing in Virginia. Please take a moment to visit Mill Creek Creations and see what's new -- be sure to scroll through the galleries and see all the bears and puppies!

And now for a note about the shoes:  they belonged to my son! They are a size 1 and he has now grown to a size 13, I believe. Since he's almost 30, I haven't bought him shoes in a long, long time, but he was a tiny guy when these shoes fit him!!
And now for the yummy soap/bath melt part: 

I was lucky not long ago to win one of these peppermint bath melts from Especially 4 U By E and T -- it has been thoroughly tested by Noli and she declares that it "makes the water feel soft and smell good too!"  I crushed it up and used only a little (since Noli requires only a little water) so she'll be able to use it many times.
The package also included a bar of peppermint and lemon soap (a nice surprise!) which I can say is very yummy! Smells good and leaves your skin soft. 

This giveaway was hosted by Heavenly Savings who also posts coupon info, blog hops and more -- fun stuff!

Well, that's it for today -- I'll see you Wednesday, if not before!!!


Moonangelnay on Etsy said...

omg blondie sue is adorable!

Bluejeans Needlework said...

Blondie Sue is just way too cute... your shoe's look perfect on her!

Great blog! I'm following, of course... :)

Jean xoxoxox

Freeman Crafts & Fabrics said...

OMG she is just too cute!

Artsy Clay said...

Oh my goodness, I love Blondie Sue and all the bears on her site!


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