Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hoowdy Folks! It's State Fair Time! - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Howdy Folks! says Big Tex who greets all State Fair goers in Dallas TX. A big, low voice, drawing out that Howdy --  Hooww-dee Folks. If you're from Texas, you'd recognize it anywhere. And that shirt! Every so often they change it -- it takes miles of fabric and miles of denim for his jeans! (He is really, really tall!!)

Big Tex by Texas Eagle.

So today, in celebration of the opening of the Texas State Fair, we're shopping Etsy for state fair stuff!

Absolutely a must is the Texas Star ferris wheel! (For me, this is a no-no -- heights are not for me!) It's supposed to be the tallest ferris wheel anywhere -- you know what they say -- everything's bigger in Texas!!
Dallas State Fair Ferris Wheel by Evans Photography.

My hubby says that the only reason I go to the fair is to see all the quilts and cross-stitch. I deny it, but he's right! I love to look at all the handcrafts because I know the time and love that goes into making each one. I can appreciate the intricate stitches and the beautiful designs. Well, this one caught my eye and it won an Honorable Mention at this year's New York State Fair! And I love quilts that have applique designs. You really should visit this shop -- she has three other quilts that have won ribbons in the same fair!
Quilted Wall Hanging For the Birds by Starry Home Crafts.

And what Fair would be complete without canned pickles? How about watermelon rind pickles? You can always find some interesting canned goodies at the fair! I'll bet this seller has won some blue ribbons 'cause everything in her shop is just down-home goodness! And I love what she put for "favorite materials" on her profile page: "anything you can put in a Ball canning jar"!!

I always love the animal exhibits. I love the baby farm animals and the big old pigs. Some of those pigs are downright HUGE!! Now these two piggies are just plain cute and would definitely win the Blue Ribbon!
Pig, a Felted Wool Animal Toy by Eves Little Earthlings.

Thanks for coming with me to the Etsy State Fair! Now here's a little fact you may not know about the Texas State Fair...

All the competitions at the Texas State Fair are fun and I imagine it would be really rewarding to earn a ribbon, but the craziest must surely be the Big Tex Choice Awards. It started about five years ago with Fried Ice Cream (delicious)! Last year it was Fried Butter! This year's entries include Fried Lemonade and Fried Frozen Margaritas (can you imagine?) and, of course, Fried Beer!!! How about Fried Chocolate?

You'll just have to take a trip to Texas to find out which one wins and taste for yourself!


TexasEagle said...

Great blog! I can almost smell the Fletchers Corny Dogs! You have a great mix of products and I really appreciate your choice of our Big Tex print!
Wishing you much success!

EvesLittleEarthlings said...

We have a huge county fair up here in Ontario. The Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show. I have gone my entire life and my kids still go even though they are now college age.
I love the original movie State Fair! These regional celebrations of rural life are precious!

BooBooZoo said...

You have to love Big TEX!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Thanks, ya'll!!! Now go get some fried margs!!

maureencracknell said...

I love the birdhouses in that quilt and those little piggies --- very inspiring!!!

OneLoomStudio said...

I may have to make a trip out there just to see Big Tex! Beautiful blog!

Wild About Bows said...

What a clever way to feature other shops while reporting a huge event. I enjoyed reading and now am hungry for a corny dog!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Thanks everyone, for your comments!
I'll be visiting ya'll soon!


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