Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If You See a Fairy Ring - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

There's a special book that Noli and I like to read, "If You See a Fairy Ring." Really sweet and finely detailed pictures, and lovely poetry. When we are outside, sometimes we see evidence of fairies, but we never disturb it so that the fairies will come to that place again. Sometimes we find special things that fairies have left us to discover, like rocks that sparkle or wonderful things that you just know is from a fairy. Like this origami folded paper left in the driveway, definitely colored by a fairy who, like Noli, loves purple.

Today, with Fairy Noli in mind, I'm strolling around Etsy looking for fairy rings and fairy homes and maybe I'll even find a wee fairy herself... Come join me, but be very quiet and tread softly.

In order to find where the fairies sleep, you must go through their tiny door, usually found leading into a tree and sometimes protected by gnomes. (Although gnomes sleep a lot, so we should be able to sneak in.) Look out in your garden, you may discover one. This fairy door is by Nothin' But Wood and it really opens!

This little fairy blends right in with her surroundings in your garden. They would rather keep their presence a secret (except sometimes little children can see them) and of course, they love to sit sweetly on mushrooms. Emerald Fairy by Magic Threads Dolls.

Fairies seem to like sleeping in flowers or under mushrooms, but there are some who prefer their own little home sweet home. They can decorate it as they like, and not worry about some human taking their home to put in a vase or a salad. And these are the cutest fairy homes on the block! Fairy Houses by Suzannes Pottery Farm.

When I think of fairies, this is what I picture. So very, very sweet. She looks so beautiful and serene.
There are also some really lovely fairy notecards in this shop that you just must see! Dogwood Fairy 8x10 by Berrys Beanies.

A fairy named Primrose lives here and she planted the flowers that grow in her yard. Being fairy-sized, it is tiny and fits in your hand so all the detail is amazing! What a sweet little house -- wish Primrose would come outside so we can tell her.  Primrose Fairys Mushroom House by Cricket Moon.

Write your garden fairy a teeny tiny letter and put it in her mailbox -- I'll bet she leaves you a surprise! Have a peek at this shop -- there are other cute fairy furnishings there (including a, ahem, potty...)!!
Fairy Furniture Mailbox by Fairy Furnishings.

And, of course, any little girl who dances after fairies would love her own fairy dress! In Noli's book there are woodland fairies dressed just like this. I love this dress.... Peasant Fairy Costume by The Frolicking Fairy.

If you see a fairy ring
In a field of grass,
Very lightly step around,
Tiptoe as you pass;
Last night fairies frolicked there,
And they're sleeping somewhere near.
If you see a tiny fay
Lying fast asleep,
Shut your eyes and run away,
Do not stay or peep;
And be sure you never tell,
Or you'll break a fairy spell.

~ William Shakespeare


A Collective Journal said...

Love all the fairies!
Another of my favorite creatures!

Alan & Betty said...

We are blushing with appreciation for being included in your lovely blog article on fairy things! We thank you and Primrose Fairy thanks you (even the pet cricket who lives with her and has his own back door on the mushroom house thanks you).

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

May you and Noli never stop believing!


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