Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Colors of Fall - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

It's just beginning to look like fall here in my part of Texas. Some trees have turned yellow or orange, but most are still green with a spot or two of fall colors. We just don't get the vibrant colors here -- wish we did!

So, I'm going to scoot around Etsy and see what I can find to remind me of the "real" fall colors! Come on along and let's see what we can find!

Now this is the way I'd like the trees to look around here -- ALL the trees!! Even the mesquite which only looks creepy Halloween witchy in the winter. This tree has such lovely vibrant colors, it makes me forget about the mesquite... (and the artist is from Dallas too! *smiles*) Autumn Tree 6x6 Art Block Painting by Red Tile Studio.

Sittin' around the campfire, toasting marshmallows, on a cool fall evening. This is the perfect scarf! Tiedye Jersey Scarf by Camp Smarty Pants.

I may have to buy a tea kettle just so I can use this fantastic tea cozy! It's hand knitted, felted and embellished -- beautiful! (and what a perfect name!)  Harvest Pumpkin Spice by Knit and Curl.

Look, look, look!! Is this just the cutest or what?!! Put your little one in this and she'll dance all day. And of course, the hat is a must go-with! Yellow Blossom Fall Jacket by Emmifaye Boutique.

And here you go! Bake a pumpkin pie (did I just use the word "bake"?) and take it over to your neighbor. Then they'll have the recipe thanks to this clever pie plate. Maybe they'll bake one for you in return!! Thanksgiving Vintage Betty Crocker Pumpkin Pie Plate by Lady Libertine Vintage.

Thanks for finding fall colors with me today! I even found an idea for next time -- squirrels! So please join me next Wednesday to wander thru Etsy! The squirrels and I will see you then!

So for now I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, yummy food and exciting football!!

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My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh that tea cozy is beautiful - I thought it was a hat! LOL - don't tell anyone : ) .

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rachel Beyer said...

Great fall finds! Thanks so much for including my scarf!

Amanda said...

Great fall finds! I love fall colors and leaves changing! Happy Thanksgiving!


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