Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Balloon Balls and Crayons!!

No wandering and shopping around Etsy for me today -- I'm crocheting!! I'll post pics later 'cause they're Christmas gifts!

But.... check these out!! I bought these two balloon balls for Noli -- aren't they cute?

I think this is the coolest design. You put a round balloon inside the little opening (like a buttonhole) and blow it up!! Then it magically becomes a ball that won't break everything in sight!! Sheer genious from SDK Designs.

Another neat gift I found makes a terrific stocking stuffer.
They are recycled crayons in lots of different shapes -- made from broken crayons that are sad because nobody wants to color with them anymore. Now they can meet up with a bunch of their friends and become brand new swirly colors!! Fun! Have a look at M and M Crayons. They have an Etsy shop too!

♥♥♥ Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!! ♥♥♥

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rhino Love - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Look! Look! at what I found for Noli for Christmas!! Isn't it grand?
It fits all the requirements: it's purple.  it's a rhino.  it's purple!!!

Purple is one of those words that start to look all kinds of funny when you stare at them too long. So when I was changing the purple to purple -- whoops, there it goes again, looking all weird and strange. But I digress.....

CottageQTZ makes all these amazing pillows out of vintage chenille bedspreads -- and here's the best part -- she lives close by! It was really nice meeting another Etsy seller and getting to know her. This is definitely a shop you'll want to spend some time in!

Here are a few of my favorites:

I'm a Louisiana girl at heart, having spent my growing up years and early adulthood in the fair city of Baton Rouge. So this pelican brings back those memories -- WHY, you ask? The pelican is the Louisiana State Bird, of course. And look at him, he's got his lunch hanging out of his beak!!! Did you know that pelicans scoop up fish and then filter out the water, like a sieve? Pretty cool beak on that bird!

No ugly duckling here -- it's already turned into a beautiful swan! I love the way the flowers on the bedspread form the wings.

Oh, you say the Queen is coming for tea? Let's set the table with our finest tea service -- she'll love this teapot and cup with the pretty flowers... Can you tell that the knob on the lid is a tuft from the chenille? 

Thanksgiving is over but it's never too late to plan for next year! Wouldn't this cornucopia be the best centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table and a great decoration for the fall months! It's filled with an apple, green onion, potato, pumpkin and, get this, a rutabaga!! I say that because the rutabaga is yet another childhood memory. My mother made rutabagas mashed up like mashed potatoes and I couldn't stand them! I had to put a bunch of butter on them to cover the taste!! No doubt, I'd like them now if I ever chanced to eat one again... 

And, speaking of decorations -- how about these Christmas lights! Aren't they cute, right down to their clever little plug! Drape them along your mantle or add them to greenery on your buffet -- what a lovely statement they will make!   

This lady can make anything so if you've got some great ideas you'd like to see in a chenille pillow, drop her an Etsy note and let her know. Believe me, you won't be disappointed. And watch out for a majestic cardinal that should be flying in soon!

It was definitely a very pleasant couple of hours spent with an enjoyable new friend. And how nice is that?!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Squirrels on the Roof!! - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

I have squirrels aplenty in my yard -- they really love to run up the oak tree in the front yard (grabbing acorns on their way), swing a moment on a branch and then BAM, jump on the roof. Right over my head in my office/spare bedroom/Noli playroom... BAM!! Then ... thundering hooves over the roof to the back yard!

But I've never seen a yellow one! Let's Play Hide and Seek by Paulette Photography. Be sure to check out her other photos -- amazing animals, birds, sea creatures and reptiles, plus more! I hope she was using the zoom when photographing that alligator!! Yikes!

Introducing Adele, Angelina the Ballerina's cousin. Not as outspoken as Angelina, Adele is quite shy and is perfectly happy to adorn this sweet baby onesie! Adele Squirrel Toddler T by Hummingbee.

Heh Heh -- put these in your yard and see if Mr. Squirrel sneaks them off to his nest! He might need to visit his squirrel dentist if he tries! Two Cement Acorns by unpotpourri.

I remember watching my aunt hook rugs -- big in-front-of-the-couch rugs. Very beautiful and very labor intensive. I really like this one from The Wool Woman -- the primitive design is outstanding and of course, the squirrel is just so delightful!! Primitive Hook Rug, Autumn Design by The Wool Woman.

Nothing can possibly be more fun than tennis playing squirrels! Maybe that's what they're doing on my roof!! Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers Squirrels Playing Tennis by Richard and Ruthie.

Awww... here's the cutest little woodland squirrel ever! Sitting in his basket of  nuts which he hand-gathered for his winter store. And I love the Waldorf dolls in this seller's banner... so sweet.  Squirrel of Wool by Mananna.

Well, we found some really great squirrels (and some awesome acorns) but, I'll tell you, hearing those squirrels on my roof -- sometimes I think they're gonna come through the ceiling! So, I'll keep my umbrella up in case of flying squirrels and you have a happy day!!

Cartoon Squirrel Holding an Acorn clipart       


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