Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have You Hit the Courts Today? ~ Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Tennis Courts, that is!!

Today is "Play Tennis Day" -- who would have thought it!! I, myself, don't play tennis -- I took a couple of semi-lessons way back when but never really caught on to it. I remember having some cool tennis shoes though -- white leather with green accents.  Seems that my racquet had green on it somewhere. Oh I was quite the fashion plate!

Sooo, let's go find us some tennis on Etsy!!

There's nothing better to a dog than a ball he can chase! and catch. and bring back to you all soggy and yuck. so you'll throw it again real quick since it's all soggy and yuck. This cutie pup looks like he's just tail-wagging, backside-wiggling ready for you to throw that ball again!! English Springer Spaniel Tennis Ball Print by Wild Wild Things.

And the score is  Love - Love! Wedding cake topper for the tennis couple. Hmmm, do you think she's about to smack him with her racquet because he dared to sneak a peek at her bridesmaids? Nooo, not on their wedding day! She's just declaring that she's the way better player! Love Love Tennis Bride and Groom by Becky Kazana.

How cute is this?!! Make your own tennis stationery and then stamp the envelope when you're finished! I simply cannot imagine carving my own stamps -- of course, I've never tried but I still can't imagine it. I'd goof up somewhere for sure! This seller makes all manner of stamps -- really fantastic stuff! Tennis Racquet  and Balls Stamp Set by Brown Pigeon.

After the game is over, toast the winner with these cute wine glasses! I love the neon green tennis ball on the bottom! Too clever... Tennis, Tennis, Tennis Wine Glasses by Jennifer 347. Lots of cute painted glass items in Jennifer's shop!

Cute tennis cookies to eat with that wine! Yum! These are definitely the sweetest cookies, ever!!  ;-)  Have a peek at her shop -- you won't believe the cookies! There's even Saints, Cowboys and LSU cookies!  How cool is that? Well, cool to me anyway. Tennis Gift Cookies by Ruthie's Cookies.

Well, that was fun! Anybody ready to take up tennis? Ummm, probably not me. I think I got rid of the racquet and the shoes are long gone....


Mary said...

What a cute idea and you've given me some great gift ideas!

The Fab Miss B said...

Such cute selections! Thank you for including my Bride & Groom! This is the very last pair!



Orangies Attic said...

Love this! Wednesday IS actually my tennis team day... totally appropriate!


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