Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hearts to Your Love ~ Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Valentine's Day is only a few days away -- have you gotten your valentine for your honey yet? This is the time of year that Hallmark sees the most men (this and Mom's Day too!!) -- I know, I used to work in a gift shop that also had Hallmark cards. It was a kick to see the guys all lined up in front of the cards! Some would spend a really long time picking out their card, while others would walk in, look for a moment, grab a card and that was it. And of course it was always fun to see what other goodies they bought for their sweethearts.

We would make balloon gift baskets which were always popular. They would contain a heart shaped box of chocolates, a stuffed Valentine plushie animal and some small goodies like candles, topped off with a balloon and lots of curly ribbon. Very fun to make, except when the helium tank went too fast and the balloon popped!

♥♥♥ So, in anticipation of that day of chocolates and flowers, I'm looking at shops with heart!! ♥♥♥

Who could resist this cute little hedgie? Hedgies are so adorable by themselves, but put them with a heart and the awww factor really kicks in!! And he's only 2" long from the tip of his nose to his cutie backside!! Mercibuckets also makes the sweetest little gnomes you've ever seen -- I know because I have one! I actually won it on her monthly Facebook page drawing (you should check it out -- maybe you'll win one too!) Hedgie Love by The Jaunty Gnome.

This heart is absolutely gorgeous! It is beautifully stitched with floss and embellished with a metallic thread and small beads. Spectacular. I hope she will add more cross-stitch to her shop (I love to cross-stitch and can really appreciate the time it takes to make something this lovely). The 3 Poinsettas Timeless Elegance by Craftastic Creations.

Uh-oh, Jellyfish Love!!! And they're holding, uh, hands...  OK, tenacles, but it doesn't sound as sweet. : )  This would be the coolest valentine for a couple with a beach house, or even just an aquarium! Too cute! Jellyfish Love You and Me by Tributary Handmade. (Go see the shop -- really nice embroideries!)

Choo choo! What a sweet valentine train -- a vintage postcard sent to Miss Elizabeth Jones -- you'll have to visit the shop to see what's written on the back! And notice the heart smoke coming out of the train's smokestack! I love these old cards... Train of Love Vintage Valentines Day Postcard by Paper Piggy.

And for your Valentine munchies.....I know you'd love to find these yummy cookies on your doorstep! I can just taste them now... mmmm! There are other Valentine cookie bouquets in this shop too -- you must go look!  Love is in the Air Valentine's Day Cookie Bouquet by Sweet'n Treats.


Thanks for heart shopping with me today -- hope you found something sweet for your honey!!



Amanda said...

Had to laugh at your comment about men buying gifts! I worked in a Hallmark store for many years and I always thought the men were so funny... always in at the last minute, most times they didn't even care what they bought, so long as they had *something* to give their sweeties! And we did free gift wrapping, so that made them happy... and kept me busy!

SleightGirl said...

Love the hedgehog, and the cookie bouquet looks yummy!

AmyK said...

Cute picks, I love that hedgehog!


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