Friday, February 11, 2011

"LEFT neglected" - An Excellent Book ~ On the Bookshelf

I'm reading a new book by Lisa Genova entitled  LEFT neglected.  It is excellent!!

From the title, even the way it is written, I assumed that the "star" of the book has perhaps left her 9 month old son in the car and something happens, or that she has left her family neglected in some awful way. (Yes, I read the flyleaf but was on the run at the library so didn't closely read it...)

Anyway, she has this terrible accident, leaving her with a brain injury and THAT is the "left neglected" part. She has no knowledge of the left side of her body. She can't see anything to the left. She can't feel anything on the left. She can only read on the right side of a page so nothing makes sense. If someone is standing to her left, she can only hear them. She intellectually knows that she has a left arm and leg, but cannot see them.

Can you possibly imagine this? I took a placemat (hey, it was handy) and held it down the center of my face. Everything to the left disappeared! I just cannot conceive actually having this happen.

But, on a lighter note -- the way the book is written is hysterical! You really get inside Sarah's head (no, not MY head, heaven help you! Sarah is the left neglected lady).  She's this powerhouse of a woman, doing 20 things at once, has the great career, lots of people to manage, the home, the kids, the husband. And a mother she now has to deal with to help her in her new life -- a mother she doesn't want around.  There's a lot of laugh-out-loud stuff -- the author is an excellent writer.

She has written one other book, " Still Alice?" Oh, my what is that one about? I'll be running  back to the library to check it out as soon as I finish this one! Lisa Genova is definitely my new favorite author!


Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Thanks for the book review. I am always on the look for very good (and very clean) books!! I used to devour I just nibble unless I get a moment to gorge myself.

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Great review. I'll have to check it out - always looking for good books in my "downtime"


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