Monday, June 6, 2011

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates.....

Forrest Gump had it right!

His quote, including his accent, got stuck in my that told me "Treasury Time"!! I've only made a few but I'm loving making them! Plus I find some really cool shops that I might not have otherwise.

So here, with a bow to Forrest, is a treasury full of chocolately goodness!
P.S. I featured teamies from the Etsy crochet teams I'm on... : )

You can click on the title to go to the "real" treasury on Etsy where you can (because I know you want to) comment, click and share!! And, if you click on each photo, you'll be taken (like magic) to that shop!  : )


1 comment:

Tonya said...

Good thing there is no chocolate here or I'd be tempted to eat some now.


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