Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Halloween will be here sooner than you think!!!! 

So, have you started your Halloween stuff for your shop? Or are you starting to sniff around Etsy or ArtFire or Zibbet for cute, scary or maybe repulsive decorations?

I lean toward the cute myself. I don't really decorate for Halloween, although I do put out a few cutie things for Noli. Just a small space on my room divider shelves.

I'm working on a few Halloween things for my shop -- this trick or treat basket filled with pretend candy. Very oversized pretend candy!

I'm almost finished -- as you can see, the swirl candy is pinned together at this point. I, of course, don't have the right purple thread -- not even embroidery floss and I have about every color DMC makes, but not this one!! I prefer sewing the pieces parts on with sewing thread, maybe using the yarn to anchor it first. I like the way it virtually disappears into the crochet!

Oh no! The swirl candy didn't have its wrapper in the first pic -- it was feeling a bit *naked* so I promised I would show you it when *dressed* -- it's a happy swirl candy now! Also I can see I'll have to fiddle with the color on this purple. Miss *dressed* candy is closer to the true color.

Question for you:  should I put a face on the basket and let it be a jack-o-lantern? If I do, I think it will be felt sewn on (with black thread!!) Noli said it had to have a face if it's for Halloween....

That's her vote, what's yours?



SleightGirl said...

First of all, I love the candy corn! So cute and Halloweeny!

I agree with the jack-o-lantern fact on the bag... that will be awesome!


Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

I don't have any Halloween items in my shop (because I make wedding jewelry), but I've been pinning the crap out of them on Pinterest!

And yes, make the bag a jack o'lantern. It would be adorable.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nolie! A face would be adorable!
The Yellow Roses

randomcreative said...

Cute! I wouldn't put a face on it personally.

Eclectic Design Choices said...

While I'm just starting to switch to more autumn colors in my shop, I don't do anything specifically for Halloween.

I'm no help with your vote because I think the bag would look great either way. That is a very cute set.

Saffron Road said...

Adorable talent!

At first I thought that the basket was great just the way it is, then I saw that Noli wanted a face.

Not really halloween people here either, as empty nesters we block the front gate w/the van and retire to the master in the back of the house. Bah humbug!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

The candy corn is so cute :) I think Noli is on to something...I'd put a face on the basket too :)

Sher said...

I love that candy corn! I'm no where near ready for fall. I best get my butt moving.

storybeader said...

I love the candy corn too. Something so specific, how it looks. Can't be missed! {:-D

Della said...

A face on the bag, and the candy is sweet! I love Halloween, but don't have anyone around to do it for anymore. We don't even get Trick or Treaters in my neighborhood :(

Splendid Little Stars said...

cute, cute, cute!
I think a face would be great!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

OK the votes are cast -- I guess I'll be trying the face! As soon as I can get to Joann's for some felt!!

Thanks for your delightful comments !
♥♥ Sarah

FlyAwayHome said...

Is there ANYTHING you can't crochet???


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