Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ugly Truck Day!! Or So They Say.....

Today is Ugly Truck Day! We must celebrate all those beat up and battered trucks out on the roads (or in somebody's front yard....)

Here's a fine specimen! Late 1970s Ford Work Truck by Classic Wrecks. Have a look through his junkyard!

But, you know, I also like the cute stuff -- so I'm celebrating "Cute Truck Day" too! Let's see what we find around Etsy...

This one's a cutie! My son would have loved playing with this one -- but, alas, he has owned and driven (pickup) trucks and doesn't much play with them anymore!!

I love the different woods and the simple design. Organic Walnut Flatbed Truck by A Summer Afternoon.

That same son is a volunteer fireman in his town so maybe he would like to have this out in the backyard!

Be sure to check out all her super cute playhouses!
Fire Station Card Table Playhouse by MissPrettyPretty. 

It was hard deciding on a truck to show from this shop! But, in thinking about that same son..... he used to love watching cement trucks, and called them "see me trucks" !!

Go see his other vehicles -- you will be amazed! And everything works!!
Ready Mix Cement Truck by Wisconsin Woodchuck.

Love this cross-stitch! I have the pattern and have always kept it in the back of my mind to stitch! Guess it would have been a good one for that certain son : )

Here's another one that qualifies as a junker -- the truck, not the painting! I love the old rustic look of the watercolors in her shop! Fantastic!

Thanks for going truckin' with me today -- now go out and celebrate and find yourself some "ugly trucks"!!



memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I love old trucks! My dad has a '50 Chevy and Jesse has a '64 Chevy. We've owned lots of "ugly trucks" and loved everyone of them :)

Saffron Road said...

Reminds me of childhood, growing up on Cape Cod. My uncle, the fireman, lived across the street, grands next door w/an old truck that I still don't think was ugly!

storybeader said...

great playhouse! Now someone's really putting their sewing skills to good use. Fun post! {:-D

Sher said...

What a neat post! There is a man in my subdivision who was working on an old looking truck in his driveway yesterday. I don't know much about them but by the rounded shape I'd say maybe from the 50's?

Tonya said...

This was a fun post. I love your themed posts!

Jordan said...

Love this stuff!! ♥ Etsy has SUCH amazinf things!

Jordan ♥


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