Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Noli

There's a small farm that's close by -- actually inside the city limits of  a nearby town -- that has a pumpkin patch every year for the kids to enjoy. I was browsing through some Noli pics and found these that were taken in October of 2010.

Noli had a grand time!

Ghost pumpkins!

Hmmm..... which one shall I chose?

These are fun!

Oh. this. is. heavy.

Belly shot!!

She always goes for the wartiest ones!

You can tell by her clothes that October is still warm in Texas!!
I'm sitting here in shorts!

Farmer Noli

She was impressed at the size of that tire!
"Bigger than me!"

Hay bale Alamo!

Wait. Did they have polka dot curtains at the Alamo??

My hair isn't tall enough!!

Mommy, you're a silly....

Baby pumpkins!

It's fun to climb on the hay!

It's dark-thirty -- time to go!

See you next year!!

It was a fun time, including a run through the corn maze....
but that's a post for another day!!

♥♥♥  Linking Pumpkin Patch Noli to Pink Saturday over at How Sweet the Sound 'cause we're looking at pumpkins today!



Splendid Little Stars said...

Noli is precious!
What great memories are being made in the pumpkin patch!
The wartiest ones are so much more fun than the plain ordinary smooth ones!

SmilingSally said...

What a fun trip; thanks for taking me along. I've never seen a hay Alamo!

Happy Pink Saturday, Sarah.

Sue McPeak said...

There's nothing like a Sweet Punkin in The Pumpkin Patch!!! Noli is a doll and great at Pumpkin Posing...cute belly shot. We have a Pumpkin Patch that goes up every year, too. It's definately time to take our three year old grandson again.

Thanks for stopping by CITexasGal for Pink Saturday. Nice to meet another Texas Gal and one who crochets. I'm off to visit and follow your blog. Hope to see you again, soon.

Chubskulit Rose said...

We went to a pumpkin farm today as well, it was fun!! I am the featured blog this week, hope you can drop by.

Pumpkin Fun
Have an enjoyable pumpkin-licious weekend!

Rose said...

What a fun recap! It looks like a wonderful day.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a cutie...and what fun! The baby pumpkins always make me smile :)

Esther Joy said...

Love the pumpkin pictures!

Janet Bocciardi said...

Precious Pumpkin! ; )

Great photos.


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