Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gone, Finally Gone....

Yep, they are finally gone... no not the relatives, not the leftovers packed into the fridge, not the decorations....


and I am so glad. They absolutely drive me nuts! Even a cowboy from Texas (I can say that because I live in Texas...) has to sound like he's French. Not Cajun French either (which I can say because I'm from Louisiana...), but French French. From Paris French. 

So, because we must give the not-French commercials a decent goodbye, here are my picks for this year.... 

J'adore, Dior
Charlize Theron is decidedly beautiful, 
but not French

#1 -- why would anyone name a fragrance after a coat?
#2 -- Um, do you get the idea that these two like, really like, one another?

Now for the guys....

Bleu de Chanel

"I'm not going to be the person I'm expected to be anymore"
What does this mean?
But I do think the guy might actually be French!!

and... drum roll please... 
last but certainly not least.....

Can you guess?
Now this is a real man's fragrance...
don't you love it!

And on that note, I'll wish each of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Pooped Snowman

This guy needs a long winter's nap!

Guess he got tired of waiting for that snow!

I'm afraid he'll have a long wait here in Texas...

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dear Santa...

I was going through a box of old school stuff of my kids..... 

and came across their letters to Santa back in 1989! 

Adam was in 3rd grade, and Stephanie was in Kindergarten. I'm not sure if they did these in school or if I had a sneaky plan in mind, but if you promise not to tell them..... shhh.... I was Santa!!  I apparently tried to write with flourishes and make my letters nothing like I really wrote them. I can tell it was me, but I think they were fooled!

We always left milk and cookies for Santa (do you think he ever got tired of milk and cookies and just wanted a beer and peanuts instead?!!)  Of course, Santa had to eat it all and leave crumbs and traces of milk behind!

I love it that they each drew a picture of Santa -- 

Adam's is so skinny (he always drew skinny people for some reason) 
and notice the RED mustache and NO BEARD!

and Stephanie's is just a big head....
and hmmm,  no beard either!

I really cherish these Santa letters because the next year was the year of the...


Adam told me he wanted to ask me something ..... and led me into the garage.....

He leaned against the car, me against the washing machine.  I knew this would be a BIG QUESTION. (And, frankly, it wasn't the BIG QUESTION I thought it would be! LOL!)

Big intake of breath. Serious looks.

So, Mom, tell me the truth   (uh-oh)

Is Santa real??

OK, quick thinking here -- but I knew the only thing to do was to come clean. This kid was SERIOUS.

So I launched into the "Santa isn't a real person, but is the spirit of giving" talk. That he's fun for everyone to be excited about.  etc, etc.

Adam seemed to take all this in pretty well -- and agreed that he wouldn't let on to Stephanie.

And then he said.....

So I guess it's the same for the TOOTH FAIRY and the EASTER BUNNY too.....

All gone, in one fell swoop......

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Special Santas ~ My Favorite Things

I have lots of Santas to be displayed at Christmastime, but two are very special ones.  They both belonged to a very dear aunt and I am so glad that I have them today.

  I remember this roly-poly one on display in her home every Christmas. She painted it and I remember asking why the fur on his hat was black. She said it was so that you could see it since it was right next to his beard. I guess that satisfied me, but when Noli asked the same thing she insisted that it should be white and "of course you can tell his beard from his hat!" Can you believe it -- so many years later, she asks the same question as I did!

As you can see, he has a very round tummy! He's heavy so I guess he must eat a lot of Christmas cookies! He's made of a solid plaster -- I imagine my aunt painted him back in the 40s or 50s. She would spiff him up and repaint where necessary every few years but I have left him as he was when she gave him to me. I don't want to paint over her art!

I was thrilled when she gave him to me after I had married! She knew how precious he was to me and now he brings back lovely memories of my aunt. 

This Santa, on the other hand, has been on a diet so he's not so chubby. The same aunt painted him in the 60s or early 70s and gave him to me sometime in the 80s.  At first I wasn't so wild about him but, over the years, have grown to love him. Sometimes I put Christmas cards in his bag, but lately I've let him hold some poinsettias. Maybe this year I'll put some tiny toys in his bag instead!

He has sparkly glitter on his fur, and I love his blue eyes and cute bald head! Oh yeah, questions from Noli on the bald head too!! 

And every year, Stephanie asks when I'm going to give him to her. Well, she'll just have to wait a while longer! But I'm glad she wants him, and the roly-poly Santa too... I imagine they will be passed down to Noli some day.

These two special Santas are usually the first decorations I put out -- they each have their own special place of honor  :)

This reminds me, I'd better get crackin' on the Christmas decor -- I still have all my fall/Thanksgiving pumpkins out! Nothing like being a lazy bones in the holiday decorating department!

Any other lazy bones out there? 

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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Fairest One of All

Here it is December and all of blog land is filled with the red and green of Christmas....

But I'm sharing blue and red and yellow today on the dress of the cutest Snow White you'll ever see! I love it when a customer shares a photo of their child with one of my crochet toys -- it's so much fun to see!

This little cutie is all dressed up as Snow White and ready to go to a Halloween party! I bet she was the hit of the party! Mama bought one of my red apples as a go-with -- I assured her that it was a sweet apple and never picked by any witch! LOL!

Don't you just love the tutu dress she's wearing? Adorable, and it's handmade too! I'm totally in love with her sweet headband and her little red shoes. She is just the cutest of the cute! Or maybe "the fairest one of all."  :)

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Remembering Cali Mae and CJ

It's always hard to say goodbye to a friend. A kitty friend is no exception. This is a small remembrance of Cali Mae and Cali, Jr. which I hope will bring some smiles :) 

 Cali Mae and Cali, Jr. (as a kitten)
Do you see Cali's floofy tail? (She apparently likes to hold up sticks with it...)
CJ has Cali's coloring, but is short haired and no floofyness!

Cali Mae ventured into our yard a couple of years ago and became our first outside kitty, and Cali, Jr. (or as we called her, CJ) was one of her kittens. As cats do, they checked out the wooded area behind our house, and wherever their noses led them, but always showed up for breakfast and dinner, and did a lot of napping and playing and sunning in our yard.

Camouflage Cali hiding

Whoops, there she is!

About six months ago Cali Mae stopped showing up for feeding, and after a week we knew she wasn't coming back. She was the sweetest kitty and I can only hope that she found a loving home, or perhaps went to the Rainbow Bridge without pain and met up with others who have gone before her. (Remember, no tears! Smiles for her, please!!)

Cali and her kittens
CJ on the left, Yellow Kitty and Funny Face
(Funny Face is still with us and is the patriarch of the family)

I love this sweet pic of the adult CJ

It's been a couple of weeks since we saw CJ, so I can only assume that she has followed in her mom's pawsteps. She was a feisty one, always on the lookout and never one to be petted. Even so, we still had tender feelings for her and enjoyed her time with us. 

She was a good mother to her kittens -- they live in our yard now and are the sweetest, allowing us to pet them, even pick them up! and circling our legs the way cats do. 

CJ's kittens: Phantom, Golden Marmalade, Opera, Thunder Paw, Oreo
Snoozing on the shed steps.

Woke them up!
(did you catch Phantom and Opera? heh heh, you can see Opera's mask and Phantom's is the same and their coloring is exactly like CJ's! 

CJ in all her kitty cuteness....
Always with that worried expression on her face!

Cali with those piercing yellow-green eyes, 
always watching

Both such sweet kitties. Even though we will miss them, we have lots of funny and touching memories to think back on....

sharing Cali and CJ.... 
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