Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Nova and Noli ~ Trading Places

Of course, you know the lovely, talented and otherwise fabulous, Noli.....

At Dreamy Life Records, Stephanie and Cameron's vintage record shop
Photo taken on Valentine's Day
(that's a shopper guy in the background)

The logo

And, of course, Nova is my grandpuppy....

Floppy ear and all

Nova loves going on walks
Pant, pant 

and taking naps

Practicing for "Best in Show" 
Well, he's best in our show anyway :) 

Nova loves his toys... 
and really gave a workout to the new owl toy we gave him for Christmas!
A great tug-of-war with Cameron! Nova won.

And here we are, trading places!
Nova slept in his cage when he was more puppyish than he is now,
and he was wondering why that Noli girl was in HIS cage!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mannequin Heads, or Creepy Faces....

Sometimes, the paraphernalia used for display in a thrift shop is just as interesting as the thrift stuff itself. Or is that just me??

Case in point....

I know, pretty freaky, huh? Yikes!!

For Blue Monday, notice the beads on that mannequin with the sinister laugh. I think she's being pretty smug about wearing the beads when her friend just has a naked neck. 

Also, look closely, there's a blue chair, blue shirt and jeans on the lady outside, and a blue bowl way over there on the right.

Thought you could use another look....
totally freaky.

The owner recovered this chair and in my opinion, made it most super cool! She said it was just to sit in because she didn't know if people would like it to buy. I told her she should just put a price tag on it and see.... someone would see the total coolness factor in it! I can imagine it in a play room for the kids, or in a rec room for the teens.

Noli liked it!

Oh, and note the blue on the chair, the blue Lava Lamp and ashtray on the table to the right, and the blue telephone! When's the last time you used one of those to make a call?!!

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