Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summertime = Snow Cones and Popsicles

The beginning of summer always brings to mind two things....

Snow Cones and Popsicles!

And the thought of those two yummy delights make me go backward in time for some special memories...

Snow Cones....
When Noli was about four, I took her to a local snow cone stand for her first taste.... and she decided that we should go to all the snow cone stands so she could sample all the different flavors. I, of course (being a lover of snow cones) agreed. I think we hit three or four places over that summer (I didn't want her to go crazy or I'd be in mucho trouble with the mama LOL!)

Noli ~ My favorite is the blue one!

Me ~ Why is that?

Noli ~ 'Cause it turns my lips and tongue blue!

Now we go waaay back in time to when I was about four or five or so (waaaay back....)

When summer arrived the ice cream man started his rounds, but he didn't have a truck.... he had a bicycle contraption that was part bicycle and part freezer. He'd peddle down the street and ring his bell and all the kids would run out to get frozen goodies from him.

I always got red popsicles or sometimes fudgsicles. 

The popsicles were the double kind and, because I loved him soooo much :) I'd break it in two and only eat half of that popsicle.... and leave the other half for my big brother. 

I never did know if he actually ate his half, but somebody must have because I would check and it was always gone!

Sometimes I got a fudgsicle but big brother didn't get any of that.... hehe.

These two will eventually wind up in my shop, of course ....

The memories of  these two frozen goodies prompted me to make these crochet versions, and that fit right into the Blogging Business Artisans June challenge -- to create something that celebrates the start of summer. This challenge was brought to us by Natasha of Stalking the Wild Snark

Now, don't you think it's time to stock up on snow cones and popsicles?!!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Footprints on My Heart

Sunday was not the Father's Day we had planned, and certainly not any day we would have planned. I debated about this post, and then decided that, yes, even though I will be sad, Oliver should have a tribute on my blog.

Our sweet sweet Oliver took his walk over the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday afternoon. Even though we were at the vet, he was surrounded by family and love. Stephanie, his true mama, and Dennis and I were with him. Adam was in Shreveport, LA and learned of his passing when he called Dennis for Father's Day.

Oliver came to us as a wee kitten -- Stephanie had found him in a parking lot sitting next to what we presume was his mother. When she moved out, I asked that Oliver stay with us since ours was the only home he knew, and he had bonded with Sam, our other rescue cat.

He was a British Cream, like a light creamsicle ice cream, made even lighter with extra cream. His face had a serious, studious look as if he were contemplating the answers to very important questions. He was a sweet cat who rarely meowed (unless his tail was accidentally stepped on), who ran like thundering hooves through the house, and had a habit of leaping on you when you least expected it (which was a real shock since he was not exactly a petite cat...)

He enjoyed a good book at night and, in fact, would nudge my book until I finally put it down and paid him some attention. Then he would retreat to the foot of the bed and go to sleep. His last couple of nights were spent sleeping at the head of the bed, right in between Dennis' and my heads, I believe he wanted to be as close to us as possible, because, in the way of cats, he knew he didn't have long even before we did.

his usual place, right over my head
I'll miss his tail smacking me in the face!

He had various windows that were "his"
and especially liked the ones in the livingroom that were only a few inches off the floor

The outside cats would pass by....

and he would run for the mail slot to peer outside!

He liked to play King of the Mountain

and tolerated Noli's shenanigans

and her many hugs

He even took care of her when she sprained her arm :)

 He liked to play "Run When You Hear the Can Opener 'Cause There May Be Tuna"

and Hide and Go Seek

even though his hiding places weren't exactly hard to find!

Found ya!

He liked to sneak some of the outside kitties' food

and try to fit into the smallest thing possible

He loved to play the piano, even though he knew that the bench was all that he was allowed on....
and leaping on the keys in the middle of the night was a definite no-no!
(But he certainly never did that, oh no!) Ha!

He wasn't wild about taking an occasional bath....
but put up with it,

especially when his good buddy Sam had to take one too....

They often curled up together when they slept

He rarely slept on his back, but when he did it was with no shyness!

He loved to help me work
especially sitting on the mailing boxes so they wouldn't fly away

or guarding my crochet so it didn't get tangled

 or helping me on the computer.

Such a silly boy.
I'm going to miss him.

A light has gone out, a presence diminished, but his footprints will forever be on my heart.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Eleanor Biscuit

I've recently become a grandma again!!

Wait, wait!! That would be a new puppy grandlittle!

Introducing Miss Eleanor Biscuit....

Noli is thrilled with her new "sister"

I have yet to formally meet my new grandpuppy, but soon I'll take the trek over the Stephanie's and give her some skritches and hugs in person!

Noli has her dressed up in something... 
Eleanor Biscuit had better get used to it, 
Noli definitely likes to play dress up!

Here's Miss Biscuit the biplane pilot....
Note the red scarf like the Red Baron Snoopy!

I think she looks like she's barely tolerating all this picture taking!

I'm sure Nova likes having a new playmate,
but the question is....
Will he share his toys?  

Ha! Like 2 year old kids share their toys, I'd say!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Clump O' Kitties

Did you know that a group of kittens is called a clump?

No? Well it should be since they are always clumped together!

Prepare for cuteness overload....

There's more than one way to nurse a kitten!
(by the way, that blur on top of mama is actually the grey kitty leaning over to get a drink!)

Some like to cuddle and others like to play fight

Practicing kick boxing....

Oh, my aching back says Mama Mouse

C'mon Mama, be a horsie!

The others wait their turn to ride the horsie....

Tuckered out

Dennis decided this piece of wood looked like a plate....
(Prepare for dorky joke...)

They are smart kitties because they're a Plate O' Kitties

Get it?? Plato Kitties.....

Told ya it was a dorky joke.  LOL!

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