Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eye Spy - Something I Shouldn't Eat But Do Anyway

Oh Yeah...definitely Blue Bell

My downfall in life is ice cream -- and it absolutely must be Blue Bell -- and the top two are Cookies 'n Cream and Moo-llennium Crunch (totally decadent). If there is ice cream in the freezer, it calls to me like a siren song and gets me in trouble every time. I can't just have a little ice cream, I must have huge scoops of unprecedented size. As much as I can cram into my bowl.

So, to try to get past this, my hubby (who can eat only a tiny bit and be satisfied, the snake) started to buy it in the pint size. But no, this did not work -- we would finish the whole thing between us -- and definitely not evenly -- a bit heavier on my side. So, now I simply cannot have the heavenly Blue Bell around at all. Well, maybe every now and then ;)

But wait!! They've now come out with Blue Bell on a stick!!

I am saved!!!

(For more delicious gotta haves, go to bugandpop and join in!)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great Giveaway!

Win this "Tweety" Pillow!

You could win this beautiful pillow from The Lavendar Tree -- just go to Resweater who's hosting the giveaway. I know I'm entering! Also visit The Lavendar Tree's Etsy Shop to see some really wonderful designs -- her pillows are amazing!
Resweater has an Artfire shop where she sells thrifted wool sweaters so you can do your own felting and making. She posts links to shops selling all manner of things made from felted wool -- definitely a must-see! I love to follow along and grab some ideas! Or just salivate... Or buy!
So, enter to win and then check out these shops -- remember Christmas is just around the corner :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze

I've had a crush on Patrick Swayze for a very long time -- something about the combination of a very masculine, rugged man who is also a wonderful dancer. The "rugged boy with a poet's soul" (from a poem about my astrological sign (gemini) when I was a teen, you know, the boy I would love and all that). Oh yeah, Dirty Dancing is another one of my favorite movies that I can watch over and over.

Rest in peace - you will always be remembered.

photo from here

Monday, September 14, 2009

Doin' the Mud Dance

A bug, a bug!

Doin' the mud dance....

This is what all that rain gets us -- Mud Noli! It's a shady area where grass will not grow...

Eye Spy and First Sale!

Eye Spy Season Change

Rain, rain go away... it's been raining since Friday with little let-up. Today has just been drizzle though. I tried to take a picture of the drizzle but all I got was puddles. So I guess that's our season change here in Texas! It doesn't get even cool here until October and sometimes later. I do remember taking the kids trick-or-treating and having to wear a coat but now it's still shorts weather. Global warming perhaps?

My backyard looks like a lagoon!!

See more eye-spys here! And I hope you're a lot drier!!

And, drum roll please!!

I got my first sale on Etsy!!! My store's been open since Sept. 1 and still doesn't have too many listings so I feel pretty dad-gum good about the sale!! I'm crocheting a little pumpkin baby hat right now to add to the Halloween listings. I have renewed etsy excitement!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Etsy and My Creative Space


I finally got my Etsy shop set up! I'm still working on it but I guess you always are anyway. Right now I'm trying to get all those pumpkins listed! Good grief, figuring the shipping drives you nuts! I've got so many ideas, so little time.... but I'm so excited! I've wanted to open an Etsy shop for the longest time - I've been a shopper for almost two years - so I feel so good that it's finally done!

Now for My Creative Space for this week. Besides Etsy I've been working on this:

Can you figure out what it is? I'll give you a little hint (whispering) -- it's cross-stitch! Ha! Bet you didn't know that, did you? I can tell you this - stitching is so very relaxing. Maybe next week I can let you in on a little more...
Ooh ooh! Flash Dance is on tonight!! Oh yeah I'll be watching... it's one of my all time favorite movies! Love the leap over the chairs. I haven't seen it in years so gotta watch tonight! Love them dancin' movies : )


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