Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Balloon Balls and Crayons!!

No wandering and shopping around Etsy for me today -- I'm crocheting!! I'll post pics later 'cause they're Christmas gifts!

But.... check these out!! I bought these two balloon balls for Noli -- aren't they cute?

I think this is the coolest design. You put a round balloon inside the little opening (like a buttonhole) and blow it up!! Then it magically becomes a ball that won't break everything in sight!! Sheer genious from SDK Designs.

Another neat gift I found makes a terrific stocking stuffer.
They are recycled crayons in lots of different shapes -- made from broken crayons that are sad because nobody wants to color with them anymore. Now they can meet up with a bunch of their friends and become brand new swirly colors!! Fun! Have a look at M and M Crayons. They have an Etsy shop too!

♥♥♥ Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!! ♥♥♥

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rhino Love - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Look! Look! at what I found for Noli for Christmas!! Isn't it grand?
It fits all the requirements: it's purple.  it's a rhino.  it's purple!!!

Purple is one of those words that start to look all kinds of funny when you stare at them too long. So when I was changing the purple to purple -- whoops, there it goes again, looking all weird and strange. But I digress.....

CottageQTZ makes all these amazing pillows out of vintage chenille bedspreads -- and here's the best part -- she lives close by! It was really nice meeting another Etsy seller and getting to know her. This is definitely a shop you'll want to spend some time in!

Here are a few of my favorites:

I'm a Louisiana girl at heart, having spent my growing up years and early adulthood in the fair city of Baton Rouge. So this pelican brings back those memories -- WHY, you ask? The pelican is the Louisiana State Bird, of course. And look at him, he's got his lunch hanging out of his beak!!! Did you know that pelicans scoop up fish and then filter out the water, like a sieve? Pretty cool beak on that bird!

No ugly duckling here -- it's already turned into a beautiful swan! I love the way the flowers on the bedspread form the wings.

Oh, you say the Queen is coming for tea? Let's set the table with our finest tea service -- she'll love this teapot and cup with the pretty flowers... Can you tell that the knob on the lid is a tuft from the chenille? 

Thanksgiving is over but it's never too late to plan for next year! Wouldn't this cornucopia be the best centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table and a great decoration for the fall months! It's filled with an apple, green onion, potato, pumpkin and, get this, a rutabaga!! I say that because the rutabaga is yet another childhood memory. My mother made rutabagas mashed up like mashed potatoes and I couldn't stand them! I had to put a bunch of butter on them to cover the taste!! No doubt, I'd like them now if I ever chanced to eat one again... 

And, speaking of decorations -- how about these Christmas lights! Aren't they cute, right down to their clever little plug! Drape them along your mantle or add them to greenery on your buffet -- what a lovely statement they will make!   

This lady can make anything so if you've got some great ideas you'd like to see in a chenille pillow, drop her an Etsy note and let her know. Believe me, you won't be disappointed. And watch out for a majestic cardinal that should be flying in soon!

It was definitely a very pleasant couple of hours spent with an enjoyable new friend. And how nice is that?!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Squirrels on the Roof!! - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

I have squirrels aplenty in my yard -- they really love to run up the oak tree in the front yard (grabbing acorns on their way), swing a moment on a branch and then BAM, jump on the roof. Right over my head in my office/spare bedroom/Noli playroom... BAM!! Then ... thundering hooves over the roof to the back yard!

But I've never seen a yellow one! Let's Play Hide and Seek by Paulette Photography. Be sure to check out her other photos -- amazing animals, birds, sea creatures and reptiles, plus more! I hope she was using the zoom when photographing that alligator!! Yikes!

Introducing Adele, Angelina the Ballerina's cousin. Not as outspoken as Angelina, Adele is quite shy and is perfectly happy to adorn this sweet baby onesie! Adele Squirrel Toddler T by Hummingbee.

Heh Heh -- put these in your yard and see if Mr. Squirrel sneaks them off to his nest! He might need to visit his squirrel dentist if he tries! Two Cement Acorns by unpotpourri.

I remember watching my aunt hook rugs -- big in-front-of-the-couch rugs. Very beautiful and very labor intensive. I really like this one from The Wool Woman -- the primitive design is outstanding and of course, the squirrel is just so delightful!! Primitive Hook Rug, Autumn Design by The Wool Woman.

Nothing can possibly be more fun than tennis playing squirrels! Maybe that's what they're doing on my roof!! Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers Squirrels Playing Tennis by Richard and Ruthie.

Awww... here's the cutest little woodland squirrel ever! Sitting in his basket of  nuts which he hand-gathered for his winter store. And I love the Waldorf dolls in this seller's banner... so sweet.  Squirrel of Wool by Mananna.

Well, we found some really great squirrels (and some awesome acorns) but, I'll tell you, hearing those squirrels on my roof -- sometimes I think they're gonna come through the ceiling! So, I'll keep my umbrella up in case of flying squirrels and you have a happy day!!

Cartoon Squirrel Holding an Acorn clipart       

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Colors of Fall - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

It's just beginning to look like fall here in my part of Texas. Some trees have turned yellow or orange, but most are still green with a spot or two of fall colors. We just don't get the vibrant colors here -- wish we did!

So, I'm going to scoot around Etsy and see what I can find to remind me of the "real" fall colors! Come on along and let's see what we can find!

Now this is the way I'd like the trees to look around here -- ALL the trees!! Even the mesquite which only looks creepy Halloween witchy in the winter. This tree has such lovely vibrant colors, it makes me forget about the mesquite... (and the artist is from Dallas too! *smiles*) Autumn Tree 6x6 Art Block Painting by Red Tile Studio.

Sittin' around the campfire, toasting marshmallows, on a cool fall evening. This is the perfect scarf! Tiedye Jersey Scarf by Camp Smarty Pants.

I may have to buy a tea kettle just so I can use this fantastic tea cozy! It's hand knitted, felted and embellished -- beautiful! (and what a perfect name!)  Harvest Pumpkin Spice by Knit and Curl.

Look, look, look!! Is this just the cutest or what?!! Put your little one in this and she'll dance all day. And of course, the hat is a must go-with! Yellow Blossom Fall Jacket by Emmifaye Boutique.

And here you go! Bake a pumpkin pie (did I just use the word "bake"?) and take it over to your neighbor. Then they'll have the recipe thanks to this clever pie plate. Maybe they'll bake one for you in return!! Thanksgiving Vintage Betty Crocker Pumpkin Pie Plate by Lady Libertine Vintage.

Thanks for finding fall colors with me today! I even found an idea for next time -- squirrels! So please join me next Wednesday to wander thru Etsy! The squirrels and I will see you then!

So for now I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, yummy food and exciting football!!

Ttitle6.gif - 7.5 K

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Sandwich Day! - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

Make your favorite sandwich for lunch! Go to your local sandwich shop! Top off the pb&j with baloney!!

It's National Sandwich Day!!

(You say bologna and I say baloney....  Bologna.  Baloney.... OK, you know the song)

A couple of Christmases ago, I made some crochet food for Noli -- one was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This one leaves your face clean, no tell-tale signs of jelly, no sticky fingers. Oh where is the fun?!!

Someday I'll make another one for my shop. Right now Noli has the original -- and it's not even stale ;-)

So, work up your appetite and join me in visiting the sandwich shops of Etsy!

Here's that pb&j with baloney! Your kids can make any funny combination they want with this set!! Sandwich Set Felt Play Food by Northwoods Toys. Cute, cute, cute -- and well made too.

Did you say that sandwich bags are on your grocery shopping list? Well, check this one out! More cuties in her shop -  Sandwich Purse by Treebot.

Or how about these potholders? These would make cooking fun! Made with two batting layers, one of which is an insulated one to really keep your fingers from being burned on that grilled sandwich! Peanut Butter and Jelly Potholders by Cool Tricks.

Wear your sandwich on your sleeve with these cool cuff links! Filled with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and onions -- that's a lot to pack into these tiny sandwiches! Grilled Chicken Sandwich Cufflinks by Schickie Mickie.

Do you ever watch "Man v. Food" on the Travel channel?  A sandwich like this would certainly give Adam pause before taking the bet! Or maybe he'd be saying "Does it come with fries??" Big Sandwich Print by Hurricane Katrina.

Whew!! Now I'm so full I need to find a flat river rock to stretch out on in the sun!! Or maybe I should excercise.  Nah -- flat river rock wins every time!!

By the way, do you know where sandwiches originated? Yeah, yeah -- the Earl of Sandwich -- I guess we all know that. BUT, do you know what the illustrious Earl was doing when inventing said sandwich?

Gambling!! He needed something he could hold in one hand to eat while holding the cards in the other! This was way back in 1762 so, apparently, the idea took hold  ;-)

OK, now for that flat river rock.....

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Ride on the Noli Train

Choo Choo!! For a ride on the Noli Train you need to be securely tied on with various ribbons and yarn! Sometimes you fall off, but the conductor always picks you up -- and ties you on again!

The conductor winds the yarn around you many times and sometimes gets you tangled up with the other passengers. If a bow is desirable, the conductor *politely* asks her assistant to tie it.

And, of course, you sometimes get the honored first class seating in the stroller car. You don't get all jammed in with the other passengers and you get to talk to the conductor! And the stroller car comes with pretty heart happy face stickers to look at...

Another honored position is directly behind the conductor. If you are seated there, you are given the important job of poking the conductor to keep her awake. A very, very important job.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Sneak Peek!

I'm still trying to play catch-up with my sneak peek from last week but I. will. get. them. listed.  I'll just have to double, triple and quadruple list this week!!!  :p

Lately I've found some neat sewing stuff -- of course, the patterns are an ongoing effort, but I discovered some nifty things at estate/garage sales (sometimes they turn out to be one and the same...).

Don't you love the cool tie? I found two from the 70s in polyester -- both wild designs! The sewing book is from 1972 and has the absolute best illustrations! The color ones at the beginning of each chapter are so retro! Of course, it has excellent sewing how-to's too! (Even has how to make a tie!)  And if you like crewel embroidery, this kit is for you! Roses and Daisies, both designs included.

Up close of the paisleys on the tie -- they almost look like fat little fish! The embroidered table scarf is lovely and the little quilt -- it would be adorable in a child's playhouse covering her little doll!

Yum. Vintage sewing goodies! My mother had one of these Dritz electric scissors. We thought they were just the greatest thing since sliced bread!! The wooden spools and the old card of pins are just cool! Great for a collection in your vintage sewing room! And the green vase is just a lovely old piece. Perfect to display those spools in!!

This is a round tablecloth that would fit a small table or the middle of a larger one. I think of it as the "Children of the World" -- very neat. It would be very cute in a little girl's room!

Hopefully, these will show up in Magnolia's Attic soon!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Will You Buy Handmade for Christmas?

Noli has lots of handcrafted toys. My daughter and I have made her lots of things, or bought handcrafted toys from online shops.

 Stephanie has made her little felted gnomes and a felted horse (who has sadly lost his tail!) and some of the cutest wooden animals ever! Not to mention Butter Blossom (aka Butter) who is a life size Waldorf doll that looks a lot like Noli. I've crocheted fruits and veggies for her play kitchen, even sewed a chef's hat! Plus various hats, scarves and mittens for both her and her mom!!

Stephanie has done a good job of raising her without all the plastic and commercialization of kid's toys. It gets harder as she grows older, but we're still plugging away! (In fact, it has been suggested to me that I crochet her a horse for Christmas. Hmmm, better get started on that!!)

So when I read about the Handmade Toy Alliance's call to sign a pledge to buy just one handmade item this holiday season, I immediately added my name. It will be very easy for me to do, since that's what I would do anyway. But maybe you've got a little one who would like a sweet doll or wooden truck or comfy blanket that is made with love and someone's own hands. Or maybe you'd like to give someone some yummy cookies, or sweet scented bath soap, or a knitted sweater, or crocheted wash cloths.

This year, shop at Etsy or ArtFire or other online marketplaces, go to your local craft shows, support that toy or gift shop with the lovingly handmade items, go to your farmer's market. For sure, your purchases will be better made and last longer than anything plastic! Not to mention the love put into the making.

So, please think about this and sign the pledge! Then buy handmade!

♥♥ And I'd really love it if you would leave me a comment if you signed the pledge, and a link to your blog or shop. Or a shop that you love!

♥♥ It would also be awesome if you shared this pledge on your own blog, or feel free to link to mine.  I heard about it from Maureen Cracknell Handmade so please take a peek at her blog too!

Go Handmade!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Visit With the Fox - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

You may remember the fox that visited my yard and all the great pictures -- he was such a friendly fox! Well, he visited my yard again but didn't stay around long enough for me to grab my camera. And then my neighbor tells me that she saw him one early morning in a front yard down the street!

So, I've got foxes in my mind -- and thought that would make a delightful theme for my shopping day on Etsy. Join me as I wander around looking for fox tracks...

I love. this. pillow.  It is so sweet and the hand embroidery is done so well -- I love the shading. He's all curled up sleeping in his den! You really must visit this shop -- she's got other pillows that are equally as cute -- all very simple and sweet. Hand Embroidered Fox Pillow by Early Bird Special.

Remember Know about those fox stoles that were real foxes biting their tails while around your neck? Long before anybody ever gave a thought about endangering any species. Well, here's an environmentally friendly (not to mention fox-friendly) way to wear that fox around your neck! Foxy Scarf by Silly Hilli. Some cute (and some slightly scary) Raggedy Ann dolls in her shop too! :)

Look at this little guy - he looks like "my" fox! I love his ears! His name is Ran-free, the Swift fox. But apparently he is rather lazy and likes to lay around and read books about rabbits best... ;-) He has some more foxy friends in his shop -- very cute. Ran-free Felted Swift Fox by Furritales.

A fox pair that are really sweet Waldorf inspired toys, but they are so sleek and beautiful, they would be lovely on a table in the living room! Or in a little shadow box. Perfect. Meet some more animals in this shop -- there's a horse living there that I really like! Wooden Fox Pair by Heartwood Creations.

OK, I found one!  But they're not doing that to MY fox!! Can you imagine having this hanging around your neck? Yikes! But, it's a great vintage find from the 40s or 50s, maybe even 30s! Mink Tails (Fox Tails) by Mary's Baby Girl. There's more non-foxy vintage in this shop -- some really nice pieces!

Thanks for following the foxy footprints with me! Meet me back here next week for some more fun shopping!


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