Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Cupcake Day!! - Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

It's also Mail Order Catalog Day, but I didn't think that would be too much fun to write about...

So. Cupcakes. What can we say but YUM!! Cupcakes are the best -- little mini cakes with lots of sugary icing and something cool on top, like a cherry or a chocolate square or how about kiwi... Even a birthday candle.

So let's see what really super-d-duper cupcakes we can find -- let's go for the funny, beautiful or totally different!
This has got to be the cutest cupcake purse I have ever seen!! Scrumptious! What little girl wouldn't love this to put all her pretties in -- I know a certain 4 year old in my life who would go crazy for it!! This shop is a must-see! New this summer and undiscovered! And has the sweetest crochet and knit goodies for little princesses and babes! Cupcake Drawstring Purse by Annabelle Knits

I love the sprinkles and the button cherry on top of this cupcake -- it'll keep your iPhone, iPod or other gadgetry safe and sound. But beware and be warned! Using this will cause you to stop every 10 minutes for a cupcake fix! Cup Cakes Felt Pouch by Suezybees

Snowflake would be such a cutie in this!! (Snowflake is my Pug Granddog) I showed it to Noli and she agreed -- but I think she liked the bunny ears and the lion costume best. Go see! You know you want to dress up your pooch for Halloween!! Or his/her birthday.....  Cupcake Costume for Pet by I Lick You

Hate to do dishes? (and who really likes to?!) But this cupcake apron will make it fun -- no, not for you, for your dishsoap bottle! Wash in style! You must check out this shop -- she has lots of cute things but the best would be (in my humble opinion) her toilet seat covers!!! I looked for a cupcake one but, alas, there were none :-(  But there is one with lots of confectionery goodies on it! Just no cupcakes.... You gotta go see!
Pink Cupcake Cherry on Top by Love Vanilla Rose

We all fancy ourselves great photographers -- especially if we have a shop on Etsy!! And I'll just bet that covering that plain old strap on your camera with this cupcake cutie will make you a professional!! And if not, well it'll give you some fun smiles while you're taking those pics! Not to mention, make your sweet tooth start talking to you....  Cupcakes Soft Minky/Fuzzy Camera Strap by Swanky Camera Couture

Talk about your sweet tooth speaking up -- I can just taste that rainbow right now! It just doesn't get any yummier looking than this! And the icing, oh the icing (I've got a real problem when it comes to icing :-) It's a good thing this is a print 'cause I'd really be in trouble...  Unicorn Cake Fine Art Print by Stoopidgerl

And so, I leave you with this --

Cupcake time is all the time!! Don't you love it?   Cupcake Clock by Angel Heart Designs

Have yourself a yummy good day today and be sure to eat at least one cupcake in honor of this very special holiday!!!!



Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hi Sarah, what a fantastic collection!

I love the cupcake purse - I could really do with one of these myself, LOL! And that gorgeous rainbow cupcake - how beautiful - it's amazing, shame you can't buy the recipe though. I also really love the felt pouch too - I think I'm in the mood for cupcakes now!

Mmmmmmmmmm . . . .

Have a great day!

Jane xx

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

I know - I really got the munchies with this one!!

Josh Healy said...

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thesvancaras said...

oh thank you thank you! What a fun blog post you have put together!

Angel Heart Designs said...

Hi! Sarah,
Thank you so much for posting one of my Cupcake clocks!!I make quite a few and this is a fav! I love all your other adorable finds too..the doggie costume, the purse, and everything...I want it all! Keep Life Sweet!!! Eat a cupcake...

Penny said...

I may eat a cupcake for breakfast after this!! What an adorable collection.

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

What a bunch of great inspiration! My daughter loves cupcakes for decor, these are some great ideas for her kitchen!


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