Sunday, August 8, 2010

Playing with Noli

Friday mornings are estate/garage sale times for me. It's rare anymore that my daughter can go with me but we did a bit this past Friday before she went to work. And she found this cutie and now Noli is running around saying "neigh-a-a-a-a" and being a horsie.

And the best part? It was only $2.00!! Including some other small toys that Noli picked out!

Back at home, Noli wanted to wash her new unicorn (form the same garage sale) and, of course, we can't leave out her ponies when it comes to bathtime...

She was at this for THREE hours!! I moved a couple things from off the counter and brought out the towels. She used up an entire (new) pump bottle of handsoap and gave me a great opportunity to clean the mirror!

Aren't we beautiful now, and oh so clean! And Miss Unicorn's horn is spectacular! And Miss Noli and the bathroom are spectacularly wet!

A clothes change later, we're eating yummy cherries. And Farmer Noli wanted to plant a couple so we'd have a cherry tree. So, changing into jeans and crocs (after all, these are outside, tree planting clothes) we head out back. It had rained earlier, so Farmer Noli had a grand time planting, and stomping in the water that was dripping off the patio roof.

Back inside, she had to take a bath herself -- got mad at me and splashed and now I had to change clothes.

Later on, she was a kitty fairy -- can you see the white "kitty tail" scarf? The blue scarf is a wonderful creation that can be butterfly wings or fairy wings and floats gracefully. And the sparkly pink shoes definitely add to the kitty fairyness of it all!

The tutu is actually a mouse costume that was my daughter's for a dance recital when she was four!!! Noli, however, has decided that it is a kitty... It's cute to see her wearing her mom's outfit...

So that was our day -- she certainly keeps me busy!!

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Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

GREAT find! Sometimes the least expensive things are the best and most entertaining!

Have fun today!


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