Saturday, December 10, 2011

Angelic Pink at Christmastime

Most of my Christmas decorations are bright red, mostly fun in style. But this angel is an exception -- she's a lovely pale pink with golden lace wings. Her wings scare me whenever I put her out -- I'm so afraid they will get broken! I always put her on my buffet which is probably the safest place, as long as the 800 pound oil painting above her doesn't fall down!

Oh dear, I hope I haven't jinxed myself -- y'all cross your fingers!!

I made her sometime in the 80s when I was deep into ceramics. I remember cleaning the greenware and hoping against hope that I didn't break those wings! But she (and I) survived. She is done is an ivory with a pale pink wash and dry brushing on her lacy dress, and her wings are an ivory wash. She glistens with a bit of subtle glitter over her dress and wings.

She's actually a candle holder. Sometimes I put a candle in her holder, but I really prefer her just as a lovely and delicate angel.

Linking my pink lace angel up today over at this week's Pink Saturday on How Sweet the Sound.

How Sweet the Sound


Ann said...

She is so lovely for Chrismas. My fingers are crossed for sure.

Marydon said...

Sarah, she is so delicate & precious. I love her. I'd treat her with angelic fingers, too.

Merry Christmas

Judy Nolan said...

Sounds like you have many lovely memories associated with your pink angel! :-)

Rose said...

She is really sweet!

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Your pink angel is gorgeous and beautifully presented. I have joined your followers list and would love to have you join me as well. Season's Greetings. Hugs, Gayle


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