Thursday, December 15, 2011

Foodies -- BBA Style!

Oops, I almost forgot! And I shouldn't because they are all such awesome artisans! As in Blogging Business Artisans....

I made this treasury a few days ago to feature my teamies and totally forgot to blog about it!

I thought it would be fun to see if I could make a whole BBA treasury using food in the titles, or in the item itself, and these guys didn't let me down! It was a bit of a challenge, but I found them!

So, if you follow along, we can go to the restaurant (taking our crayons) and choose from a very sweet menu (no veggies here!) of yummy delights, raising our glasses of wine to toast our choices, and finish off with cafe latte laced with sugar.

♥ Click on each one to see the full food name, and to go to each shop)



Rose said...

This is such a fun idea for a treasury!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

This is such a great idea for a treasury! I love unique treasuries with a fun theme :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

I love this theme! so clever and fun!

Kathleen said...

Hahaha! This is such a fun theme! I think the cleverly themed treasuries get more attention, too. Great job! Thanks for including my little gingerbread and candy cane ACEO ornament =)

Janet Bocciardi said...

very clever theme! Always looking for new ways to highlight our talent. I'll have to think about how we name our products. : )


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