Friday, March 30, 2012

Cupcakes, anyone?

I have wanted to crochet some cupcakes, and the March challenge from the BBArtisans team provided the perfect "umpff" I needed to try it out!

Rose from Random Creative challenged us to create something with turquoise and red as the primary colors. I thought about several things, but since one of the main focuses in my shop is kids' play, I decided on a cupcake.

So here's the result -- a yummy vanilla cupcake with pretty turquoise icing and a red cherry on top, nestled in some whipped cream! Red sprinkles add a bit of extra color and yumminess to the icing!

Don't you love it on Noli's cute cupcake napkin?  : )

It can be used as a goodie for a child's tea party (please, only ages 3 and up!) or it could also make a fine pin cushion for a cupcake lover!

♥ Now in my Etsy and ArtFire shops!!

♥ Be sure to stop by our March Challenge to see some more turquoise and red delights!

♥ Linking my cupcake and Noli's cute pink napkin to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound !


Friday, March 23, 2012

Yummy Cantaloupe

Do you like cantaloupe? I do! I love it at breakfast, as a snack, as dessert cut in half on the round and filled with vanilla ice cream. Totally decadent!

I had the most delicious cantaloupe recently -- its official name is Mag-Melon and is a product of Costa Rica. I had stopped by my local Farmer's Market and they had these beautiful melons displayed -- and a taste treat at the counter. I sampled..... and I bought!

So sweet and delicious, I went back for another one before they ran out! And took pictures this time! 

I can tell you I have NEVER had a cantaloupe as fantastic as this one. 
It's sweet and juicy and incredibly delicious.

Did I mention that it was delicious? I'm spoiled now. I don't know if I can love another cantaloupe quite as much.....


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Miss Fashion Star?

Noli definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. 

When it comes to fashion, she leads the way!

When it comes to Mommy or Daddy coming to pick her up.....

... she loves to hide. 
 And they have to "find" her. She's usually in her special hiding place -- behind a pedestal table in the living room that's filled with family photos.

This time she left a clue....



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