Thursday, June 7, 2012

Computer Building 101 ~ Kid Style

or, How to Build a Computer, Noli Style   : )

Noli ~ I need a box.

Me ~  What kind of box? A shoebox?

No, bigger!

How big?

This long and this tall (holding out her arms)

Hmmm. I raid my box supply. Ah-ha! A priority mail box -- I don't think the PO will mind that it gets used for a kid project....

I still have no idea what she's making!

Noli ~ It's a computer, silly!

Follow along, 'cause here's what we did! We put the box together except we didn't close the top flaps. Cut a big hole in it for the screen. Left a flap down for the keyboard.

It was kind of floppy so we glued popsicle sticks to hold the screen up.

Noli gets out the construction paper and crayons, and busily draws. 
She's making games for her computer. 

They are called Heart Search, Treasure Box, Kitty Lost, Try to Get the Dog's Snowflakes, Bats Suck Blood and Candy Girl. The last two are Halloween games.

Bet YOUR computer doesn't have popsicle sticks!!

Linking up Noli's computer to Alphabe-Thursday over at Ms. Jenny's for the letter C!!

Jenny Matlock



Angie Ouellette-Tower said...

That is totally cute! - Oh to have Childlike creativity again.
Thanks - stopping by from Blogging Buddies.

SleightGirl said...

That is just too cute! I bet her computer doesn't crash like the grown-up ones are known to.

SleightGirl said...

That is just too cute! I bet her computer doesn't crash like the grown-up ones are known to.

Jackie/Jake said...

Just popping by from Alphabe-Thursday.
Great imagination!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!! I love the imagination of little kids:)

Emille said...

Creativity without bounds! Tell her that it was the bestest idea!

Terri Buster said...

Noli is very creative!

Esther Joy said...

Two more "C's" - Creative Child!

Rose said...

Priceless! Great photos to illustrate this story.

Sue said...

A creative girl with a terrific imagination!


~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said...

how cute! I love that she drew computer games for it. :)

Naila Moon said...

I bet her computer works better than other peoples too.
I like creativity!

~Naila Moon

Wanda said...

She just might grow up to create "the next big thing." She certainly has the imagination to make that happen!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

The imagination of a child puts a huge smile on my face :)
You've got one great girl there Sarah :)

Erika said...

Oh,my goodness what a great idea and so precious. It cracks me up when my kids pretend to be on the computer. My husband not so much; he says that it means i am on the computer too much;)

Debbie said...

Now THIS is a little kid after my own heart. I love creativity in the biggest way. While other kids are zoned in on their computers and high tech toys, this one builds her own fun. Love it. Love it. Love it.

anitamombanita said...

Clever girl! I love it!

Jenny said...

Oh wow.

Creative and Cute! All in one little "C" package.

I love kids who can make their own fun!

Thanks for the smile.



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