Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ducks Galore!

It's Thursday, and that means Alphabe-Thursday over at Jenny's place! Today we are studying the letter D and, for me, it's Ducks!!

Earlier this week I decided to go for a duck walk at a local park. It was a nice day, not too hot yet, and apparently too early in the (late) morning for a lot of kids to be playing on the playground. This park has a big lake with a hiking trail around it, lots of trees, a cute area to sit and watch, and lots of ducks!

I brought bread to feed them -- maybe not the best diet but they sure do love it!! 

Wait for us! We want bread too!

I love duck feet ....

and duck bottoms!!

all together now!!

This rippling reflection is awesome! (and the duck bottom)
Click on it to get all the awesomeness!

Swimming away 

Walking away

Coming back

Taking off

Gathered together

Is that bread for me?
Darn those pigeons, they got there first ....

So the ducks know where to cross ....

Wait! Do you think the ducks know which crossing to take?
I love the way the duck sign is the one with the WORDS!!

♥♥♥ Linking all the duckie cuteness to Alphabe-Thursday



Cathy Kennedy said...

LOL what an adorable post! I loved the photos!! We have a pond in this part of town and occasionally, we'll go toss bread at them. You got me wanting to do this again.

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Jenny said...

Great photos of the ducks. WE have lots of them in Holland, plentiful as birds. Glad you stopped by my blog. xo Jenny

Sue McPeak said...

OMGoodness, what a great post with absolutely delightful photos! I too love to visit the ducks on our Concho River. They are so entertaining and a source for some great the Taking Off photo and the water reflections, too! I hope you get over to Lola's next time you are in Abilene. It's well worth the fact all of Buffalo Gap is a photo shoot waiting to happen.

mrs. c said...

I love ducks and some of my favorite photos are ducks in the snow. Thanks for sharing these great shots. My favorite is the photo of the duck crossing, thanks for sharing!

Esther Joy said...

Loved all your duck photos. We live near a duck pond, and I love to snap pictures of them.

Jo said...

Ducks are so adorable!!! what a fun post!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I love that ducks crossing sign too!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I love that ducks crossing sign too!

Visits With Mary said...

Lovin' your 'duckie cuteness.'

Rose Clearfield said...

Awesome job with this post! I love ducks. We are lucky to live pretty near a duck pond, too, and it also has one of those duck xing signs. That is too funny that the duck sign is the one with the words. Thanks for all of the great photos.

lissa said...

they're so cute! there's no duck crossing signs where I live but we don't see many ducks around anyhow.

have a sweet day.

storybeader said...

great photos. I love to watch the ducks diving too. They're so cute! Your action photos are fabulous - with the duck taking off over the pond! wow! {:-D

Lmkazmierczak said...

Cute post♫ Great D letter.

Memories for Life said...

The mallards are so pretty with their colorful heads!
The crossing signs crack me up :)

Lola said...

Many thanks for stopping by my Alphabe-Thursday post.Yours is fabulous!

Have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Splendid Little Stars said...

You got some great duck photos! How fun it must have been to observe them! I love the duck xing sign.

The Poet said...

These are great photos! LOL at the crossing signs. Lovely share. Thanks.

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Jenny said...

What a delightful duck walk.

At first I thought you were saying you were going to walk like a duck for exercise. My thighs were screaming in perceived sympathy.

Thank heavens, you were only looking at ducks!

They are cute, aren't they?

And I bet you would be cute doing a duck walk for exercise someday.


Thanks for the smile.



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