Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oliver Helps


Hewwo, I am Oliver the king kitty and the boss around here.
Today I am helping mommy with her blog .....

I weally like the picture that is on mommy's computer! 

See that lady with the big bo-hunkis over there? Well she's got a monkey on a leash! I thought only dog-doodles walked with leashes, but I guess not! And hehe, that monkey is chasing a dog-doodle!
Good for him!!
(I'm sorry my head's in the way, but believe me on the monkey thing!) 

My favorite is to stretch out on that keyboard thingie ....
Mommy thinks she has to be careful of her coffee cup!
I'm a cat, after all, and able to tippy-toe around all things breakable ....

See? I'm stretching out my footie so she thinks I'm gonna knock that cup over!
Silly Mommy

Nanny nanny boo boo .... I stick my tongue out at you!
See that ruler? It says "Measure of Quality" 

Ha! I am not just a MEASURE of quality ...
I am THE quality

So there!
And I thank you very much for reading my blog.
Mommy just thinks it's hers ....

Oh, and mommy says to link MY blog over at Miss Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday 'cause they're studying the letter O -- O like in OLIVER!!!!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paper! and lots of it ....

Hubby went to the store ...

and all he bought was paper!

and lots of it!!

Don't you hate it when you run out of paper? But isn't it a shame that we spend so much on stuff that you just throw away? 

But boy was I ever glad to to get that Charmin!! You can see where a roll was removed -- we were down to using the yucky backup stuff!! And kleenex! My, oh my, that's like gold around here! Again, dove right in! We were out of it in all our strategic locations!

And, even though I crochet dishcloths to use in the kitchen, I still use paper towels for messier cleanups .... and I was down to the last one on the roll!  Oh no!

All I can say is I'm thankful I don't use paper napkins anymore, or there would surely be another huge package of paper on that table!

And, just because there's a bunch of red in that pic, I'm linking to Rednesday over at It's a Very Cherry World.  Hey, there's even my red salt and pepper shakers waaay over there on the far right. 

I blogged about them on a Rednesday post from my vintage blog, Magnolia's Attic. If you want to read their red story, here's a link -- Shakin' it up in red!

Maybe when he goes to the store again, he'll get us some actual food!!

Free Clipart Picture of a Red Smiley Face  


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Night Sky

I love sunsets. Sometimes they are so majestic, other times just a slow sinking of the sun without much fanfare.

I was treated to a majestic one not long ago ....

The sun looks like a white hot ball floating through the trees ....

Gold in the heavens ....

Slowly sinking ....

Almost down, to be replaced by the moon ....

How can we ever doubt the presence of God?

♥♥♥  I'm linking the gold of the night sky to Alphabe-Thursday over at Miss Jenny's where we are studying the letter "N."

Jenny Matlock


Saturday, August 18, 2012

August Giveaway ~ Blogging Business Artisans Team

There's still time to enter this month's giveaway on the BBA Team!

It's a $50.00 (that's right FIFTY dollars!) gift certificate from Kaili of clockworkghOst.

Kaili is a very talented artist, offering animal art and illustrations, ACEOs, bookmarks and photography prints. She also offers custom artwork of your own design, as well as custom pet portraits. Many of her items are $10.00 and under, plus she's got a clearance section, so your winnings will get you a number of awesome pieces!

Think Christmas as you're browsing her Etsy shop -- you're sure to find some great gifts and stocking stuffers!  Here are some of my favorites..

Redhead Girl ACEO Freckles Face Cute Female Original OOAK

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White Ibis in Tree 4x6 Fine Art Photo Print

To enter the giveaway, please go to our team blog --
There are also several ways to get extra entries!

The giveaway deadline is August 22, 2012 at 11:00 am Central
Open to USA and Canada


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mighty Monster Moth!!

What do you picture when you think of moths?

The ones that eat your favorite wool sweaters?

Moths around an electric light blub (image: Dr John Brackenbury / Science Photo Library)
The ones that love to fly around your porch light?

But, surely not THIS!! 
This huge, ginormous Monster Moth ....

I happened to look out a window and saw this giant moth on the screen door of my greenhouse (OK so there is nothing "green" in my greenhouse -- but there is a lot of plastic! In the form of plastic bins holding craft stuff, Christmas stuff, ceramic bisque stuff, wood stuff .... some of them do have green lids though.)

But I digress .....

This giant 3 inch long moth was hanging on the screen part of the glass door. Three inches! I kid you not! 

I grabbed my camera and rushed out -- he (she?) was still there. I snapped a few shots, then wondered if I could get a belly shot. 

I eased open the door, fully expecting him to fly away .... but he stayed! I even eased the glass part of the door down so that I could get more light, and he stayed! That moth wasn't going anywhere! He could have been more accommodating and spread his wings or something, but that was not to be.

He stayed there all day -- I'd go back and look out the window and he'd still be there! Gone the next morning though -- guess he had to go find something to eat! What do moths eat anyway? Besides wool sweaters that is!!

♥♥♥  Linking my Mega Moth to Alphabe-Thursday over at Miss Jenny's where we are studying the letter "M." 

Jenny Matlock


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lounging in the Yard

You know it's the heat of summer when you see this!!

This cutie squirrel was running around in the tree 

and then just plopped down on the fence for a little rest time!

Oliver was watching all the antics from inside ... 
 wishing, I'm sure to be outside ....

My next-door neighbor told me she had watched a squirrel playing in her yard -- with a ball!! I would have been running for the camera! There's a ball in my yard, but I guess the squirrel liked hers better!

♥♥♥  Linking my lounging squirrel to Alphabe-Thursday over at Miss Jenny's where we are studying the letter "L."

Jenny Matlock

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kid Games ~ Remember When

Last week I wrote about playing Jacks as a kid, and that led me to thinking about other kid games I played, and wondering if y'all would remember them too. (You can read about Jacks here)

How about Pick-Up Sticks? This is one that I played with my father -- the floor was carpeted in the living room but it was a very short, dense pile so it was great for playing Pick-Up Sticks. He wouldn't let me get by with anything though -- if a stick moved, that was it! We stuck by the rules!

Noli, however, is a different situation entirely. She plays by her own set of rules which, by the way, changes from moment to moment depending on how the sticks fell, or what color they are .... you just never know!
I found these in a garage sale -- I like them because they are made of wood, and they are a bit oversized for little hands. But she still cheats!

Marbles was another game we played -- well, my older brother played it and I watched ...  But, (probably after much begging on my part), he let me play with his marbles!  I for sure remember his admonition not to lose any -- it wouldn't have been a pretty day if I had!! I was never any good at it though, just barely could shoot, much less knock them out of the ring!

I eventually got my own marbles -- cat's eyes. And I've kept them all these years (and my brother's marbles too, he he). I remember my mother and I cooking those cat's eyes to see them crackle!
These are some of them, his and mine. I think the variations of color and the swirls are so pretty. 

I ended up with a nice collection of shooters too -- the green one in the front was actually my mother's when she was a kid! That makes it about 90 years old!

Hopscotch Fun Print Sidewalk Chalk Game 8 x 10

Hopscotch was another one. My friends and I played hopscotch for hours on end! Like Jacks, there were a million different ways of playing. We'd make up all kinds of ways of carrying our marker (the best was a bobby pin since it didn't fall off as easily as a pebble) -- backs of our hands, top of our head (no fair sticking the bobby pin IN your hair!), on our feet, on our shoulders!
This sweet print is from an Etsy shop appropriately named
Hopscotch Art!
Check it out, there are lots of cute cards and paintings in this lovely shop! 

There were a bunch more that we played a lot -- skating, jump rope, walking on stilts, Hula Hoop -- but I'll save those for another day!

What kid games do you remember?

♥♥♥  I'm linking up my kid games to Alphabe-Thursday over at Miss Jenny's where we are studying the letter "K."

Jenny Matlock



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