Thursday, August 28, 2014

On the Way to Third Grade

I cannot believe that Noli is starting third grade this year -- third grade is that year between little kid and big kid and I'm just shocked and amazed that she is now a big kid!  You know how the third graders get all fluffy around the little kids in first and second grades.... preening their feathers and showing the little kids where the bathroom is... Ha!

Noli and her step-brother, Will
First day of school 2014
They are both the same age, with Will being a few months younger

She got all her curls cut off!! But she looks adorable, don't you think?!!  And what fashion sense!! Of course the sparkly ruby shoes top it all off!

I wonder if she'll learn cursive this year.... or if her school is one of those that are not teaching it anymore. I mourn the day that cursive writing is lost. How will old letters or manuscripts be read without it? 

Hard to believe she's not a baby anymore : )

~ sharing on Alphabe-Thursday where we are studying the letter O
~ sharing the blues on the kids on Blue Monday



Memories for Life said...

She's growing up so fast! And she really looks like Stephanie even more without her curls!
Love her outfit...such personality :)

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

They're both adorable all decked out for school!

Great shot...

Kc W said...

I love the new hairdo and it is amazing how quick they grow! I LOVE Noli's dress -- so retro and so cute! Hope it is a wonderful year for both of them. We have more days until 5th grade!

Pam Beers. said...

Love the new short hairdo. Such really cute children. Hope they are looking forward to school.

carol l mckenna said...

Adorable children and 1st day of school ~ such a milestone ~ Lovely photo and hugs to all of you ~ xoxoxo

artmusedog and carol ( A Creative Harbor)

Jim said...

A couple of very cute kids, Sara. Can you remember back when you were in the third grade? They are one of the best.

storybeader said...

what cute kids - both of them! Looks like a hairband her grandmother might have made for her! {:-D

Grantham Lynn said...

Great shot. Hope they had a great day. And a great year.
Very cute shoes! Come see my post maybe it will help cool you off a little! It's sooooo hot!
Have a good Friday.
BTW next week is a month of Fall linkys. Come link up!

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

She IS a big kid now! Love the ruby slippers. :-)

I really hope they keep teaching cursive. I might not use it that often, what about signing names in the future? Will everybody just print when they use a credit card?!

Natashalh said...

Third grade - wow! She definitely looks like the one with some sass and style out of the pair.

Olivia Brynn said...

Aaah bless them.:) Such an adorable kids. x

Annesphamily said...

Such beautiful blessings! The children are adorable! Third grade was the year I learned to square dance with a boy as a partner! LOL! I attended Catholic school so cursive was mandatory and I am forever grateful for it today! I am very grateful for all I learned at private schooling! I pray for the children today, life is so different! But your girl is a fashion icon for sure! Love her cropped hair! Will is a handsome fellow and it is good they have each other to navigate the third grade! Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Anne

Judie said...

Sarah, she is just so beautiful!! I love her short, chic hairstyle. THIRD GRADE!! They grow up sooooo quickly, don't they??

Anita said...

She's so sweet & adorable.
Wish both the kids best wishes for school & a wonderful life ahead :)

SmilingSally said...

Hi Sarah,

Two darlings dressed in blue. How special is that? Thanks for sharing your blues.

I look forward to reading your comment on my blog. Please consider returning.

Have a Happy Blue Monday!

Hannah said...

They look really spiffy for the first day of school, Noli's dress is pretty, and the ruby shoes do set it off nicely. Will looks quite comfortable and like he enjoys being a big kid.

Betty said...

I think you're right...3rd grade is an in between age. She's quite fashionable. Cute picture.

NC Sue said...

I have such fond memories of third grade. Mrs. Bergey was one of my favorite teachers!

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