Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nearly Time for School!

And it's definitely time for another BBArtisans challenge!! This month's challenge is all about getting ready for school, whether it's a teacher gift, a memory of your first day of school or what you're gonna do now that the kids are out of the house! This challenge was dreamed up by yours truly!

It's funny, I can remember all of my elementary school teachers, but only a few of my Junior High and High School teachers. Maybe that's typical since the teachers in the younger grades usually make a greater impression on you since it's such a new experience for a little kid.

So, here we are at Walnut Hills Elementary and it's the first day of school and I'm in the 6th grade. A list of the kids in each class was posted on the classroom doors. There were two teachers for each of the grades and I was hoping, praying, crossing my fingers for Mrs. Holly. NOT Coach Sauls. (Yup, we had a football team -- I don't remember the name of the team but our colors were green and white.)

Anyway, Coach Sauls had quite the reputation. He was said to be quick with a paddle and that the paddle was ELECTRIC and it had holes in it, the better to pop your bottom with. I looked at Mrs. Holly's door.... all my best buds were in there.... but not me! I cried that I was in Coach Sauls' class with not one good friend to protect me. I would only see them at recess.... unless I was getting licks from Coach.

Maybe I should bring him an apple to get in his good graces....

Well, you know what? Coach Sauls turned out to be a big teddy bear, and that electric paddle.... well it wasn't electric, had no holes and stayed in Coach's desk drawer. He showed it to us and it was some little old silly thing -- just one of the many pranks played on the younger kids by the sixth graders -- and I was one of them that year!!

I ran across this idea on Little Birdie Secrets blog -- the apple slice is from Lion Brand and I paired it up with my own wash/dish cloth pattern that I use when I crochet them for my Etsy shop.  I thought it would be a cute teacher gift, whether for Christmas or the end of school.... 

or to bribe them on the first day of school!!
We wouldn't want that electric paddle to pop out of its drawer, now would we... Ha!

I  had this cute fabric on  hand and made up a little gift bag. 
Don't you love the fun fruit design?!!!

and this is something I dreamed up for the preschooler left at home! 
Fun colored pencils to play with...
no writing on the walls -- mom will love these!!

This was a free pattern from Crochet N Play Designs -- I've bought several of her patterns for my shop and for Noli gifts, and I just love them!

I'm going to offer them in my Etsy shop as pick-your-colors in a set of three. They are chubby little pencils, almost 5 inches long. 

I'm debating about doing a pen and pencil set -- a black pen and the typical yellow no. 2's we all know and love -- I've got the perfect golden orange color yarn. What do you think?

PS... The scrubbie set and the colored pencils will be in my Etsy shop sometime today and the apple is already there : )

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Wandering Wren said...
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Wandering Wren said...

Funny to think of you counting down to school starting and for us the end is in sight :) We have a holiday in September then its the final exams and no kids left in school. Your cute, chubby crayons took me back where did all those years go?!
Wren x

carol l mckenna said...

Such adorable, colorful and creative hand works ~ anyone would love to receive one ~ Thanks for coming by ~ xoxox

musedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

Duni said...

Wow!! I simply LOVE your crochet items. Wish my attempts at crochet turn out as nice!! That is such a pretty teacher gift and ooh, those coloured pencils are super cute :)
Something similar happened to me with the class being split up and each half assigned a teacher. Unfortunately, the teacher I got really was the witch she was known for...:-/

Natashalh said...

What cute items!

Kids around here have already been in school for nearly three weeks. Crazy, isn't it?

Memories for Life said...

What cute school-themed items! Those pencils are just too cute!

I bet Coach loved all the rumors about!

Pam Beers. said...

How cute are these?! What wonderful keepsakes for teachers! You are so talented.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Thoughtful's to the new school year♪

Kc W said...

I love your colored pencils! Noli is so lucky to have a talented Grandma!

Stephanie Faris said...

I LOVE these. So colorful and unique. The perfect gift for a teacher!

storybeader said...

the pencils are adorable! I might just have to get some! And I love the little leaf on the apple slice. Fun to the BBArtisans gang {:-D

Cristina Pop said...

So adorable school items!

Pondside said...

I hadn't thought of the first day or school, and the lists on the doors, for a very long time. You brought back that nervousness! All you little gifts are sweet and look easy enough for some crochet enjoyment with a movie - my sort of evening.

The Art Bug said...

Wow, your crochet items are amazing! so nicely made...cute:)

Karen S. said...

Stunning work!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

The wash/dish cloth and the pencils are soooo cute. If I was a preschooler, I'd be in heaven playing with the pencils.

Your story about the coach is so funny. It reminded me of my first day in high school and having homerun in the gym with one of the coaches.

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Take 25 to Hollister

Susan Anderson said...

So fun and creative!


pasqueflower said...

So cute!! And I LOVE those crochet pencils!


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