Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shipping Assistant Oliver


Hewwo, Oliver here. I have taken over Mommy's blog today to tell you about my new job.... In addition to being King Kitty and Boss around here, I am also Chief Cat Shipping Assistant (CCSA for short). I have many duties and am well paid in kitty treats!

I hold down the boxes from the Post Office 
and make sure they don't fall off the bed

Extra benefit.... they are a good place for a nap

I hold down the regular boxes and make sure they don't fly away.
There are more boxes in the closet, 
but Mommy won't let me in there.
(I don't know why 'cause all I do is cat nap)

The box stack is also a great place for a nap

I inspect the inside of boxes and make sure all the paper stuff is out

Hey, quit looking at my tush
CCSA's are private kitties

Mommy got a new printer thingie
so I have to make sure she got all the pieces parts out of the box

Very good! Everything is out!

Also a good place for a nap

My most important CCSA job
is to watch for the Post Person to come by

And for all this work, I get kitty treats! Meowzer!
(Plus lots of good napping places, heh heh)

If you have a kitty, put him to work as a CCSA,
he will reward you with purrs. 
I guarantee it.


~ sharing on Alphabe-Thursday where we are studying the letter S (say Hi to Miss Jenny while you're there, 'cause she's feeling poorly.) Mommy and I are sending (((hugs))).


Thursday, September 18, 2014


Just couldn't resist this for the letter R....

Bear, in a state of total relaxation....
tail carefully guarding a favorite play-stick....

But always on the lookout 

Isn't he handsome (or maybe she's pretty, I don't know)
with that floofy tail!


I, of course, accidentally scuffed my shoe on the patio and Bear heard it.... cats can hear everything, can't they! I wish s/he'd use that floofy tail to sweep up the leaves around the shed steps. You just can't get a cat to pay rent.... ha!

~ sharing a relaxing Bear on Alphabe-Thursday where we are studying the letter R


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quirky Noli Food

Kids not only say the darndest things, they eat the darndest things (hoping you remember that old TV show with Art Linkletter *grins*)

Anyway, I was raised on banana sandwiches and pineapple sandwiches and then, naturally I passed that particular cuisine on to my kids. I tried with Noli, but she would have none of it! On an earlier session of Alphabe-Thursday, Quirky Sandwiches was my Q post, complete with not only banana and pineapple, but also the famous Chex Sandwiches, made and perfected by Chef Noli! If you'd like to check them out, go here for Quirky Sandwiches!

So this is another Quirky post -- a couple of odd combinations that Noli discovered! Odd to me, and quite possibly to you, but apparently not odd at all to Noli!

Noli's favorite condiments

She likes honey on eggs.... actually on scrambled eggs 'cause she doesn't like fried eggs, probably because of the gooey yolks... But she loves a bit of honey on her 'crabbled' eggs (crabbled eggs is what Noli's mom called them when she was little, and the name has stuck.  Cute, huh?!

Noli says that one time when she was eating French fries and ketchup with apples on the side, an apple slice accidentally fell into the ketchup and went for a swim. She tasted..... she liked! So now she has apples dipped in ketchup!

I don't know, I like my crabbled eggs with cheese and butter melted in and a bit of pepper sprinkled on top. And my apples with their skin as their only covering. How about you?

Oh, and of course the crocheted stuff is from my shop (shameless promotion). I'm working on one or two more of the apple wedges to go with the apple in a little set.

Maybe I should crochet a bottle of ketchup to go with it!! Ha!

~ sharing Noli's quirky go-withs on Alphabe-Thursday where we are studying the letter Q


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Peek-a-Boo, I See You!

Can you find Noli?
Hint -- she's NOT the one in the hat, although it is her hat. I know this because I made it for her. I also know she's not the one in the hat because I am just about sure that's Stephanie. LOL!

Can you find her?

Look closely....


These pictures were taken about three and a half years ago, so Noli was almost five at the time. And she loved, loved, loved My Little Pony which is what they are reading!

Coincidentally, Ponies just happen to start with a P also!
An unplanned happenstance :)

Noli gave her ponies a haircut a few years ago.
It hasn't grown back yet....

~ sharing Peek-a-Boo Noli and the Pony haircuts on AlphabeThursday where we are studying the letter P



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