Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Butterball ~~ Big or Itty-Bitty?

So, do you get a big turkey like this fluffy guy....

and then serve him up

Norman Rockwell prints,  four freedoms; Freedom From Want, Freedom to Worship World War II

like Norman Rockwell
(LDphotography on Etsy)

Or do you just sit an itty-bitty guy like this one on the table
and have vegetarian turkey instead?

This is Tommy Turkey and he is a tiny guy

I sold him, along with his two brothers,
to a lady who wanted triplets! 

Do you watch this huge guy leading the Thanksgiving Day parade?

No matter the size of your turkey, or how many are around your table,
I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

and just for fun, here's the Thanksgiving Day parade from 1935...

Gobble Gobble!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Along Magnolia Lane -- A Brand New Blog!

I kind of fell off the edge of the earth for a while there, but I'm crawling back on -- and with a whole new look!

I found myself stressing much too much about blogging, and trying to keep up with two blogs -- and in reality, nothing much was getting done on either blog. Mostly, my vintage blog, Magnolia's Attic, was the one falling apart at the seams, but Magnolia Surprise seemed to only have posts for Alphabe-Thursday and not much more.

Sooo, I thought and thought, and fumed and worried, and finally decided to reduce the stress and only have one blog. So I continued to think about how to accomplish this, and what I wanted to write about…. and came up with Along Magnolia Lane. So, although the look is a  bit different, it's still me behind the keyboard, and I hope you'll keep following -- and that Magnolia's Attic followers will join me here on Magnolia Lane as well. I basically just changed the name and look of Magnolia Surprise -- I didn't want to start a whole new blog, just spiff up the existing one and merge the two.

I wanted to keep the word "Magnolia" to tie in with my Etsy shops, and I wanted to blog about the things I make and the things I find on my thrifting excursions, as well as adventures with Noli, fun stuff I happen upon, and of course, letting Oliver take over my blog every now and then (he's got his own kitty agenda so "letting him" isn't exactly the right word…..) Anyway, I think this is the right direction to take, and I can again feel the excitement of an idea popping into my mind, or taking a cool photo, and rushing to the computer to write it all down!

I had some fun yesterday designing my new banner…. Magnolia Roseville vases that were my mother's, Magnolia aka Noli, a sweet and serious pic of Oliver, and some crochet foodies. I have purchased a pattern for a crochet magnolia which I plan to put in the place of the food…. so the food is just a holding place for now. I thought the Roseville would indicate vintage, the crochet magnolia would be for crochet (duh!) and of course Noli and Oliver are my partners in crime. 

Oliver insisted that I include a photo of him and threatened dire consequences if I didn't
So I got him good..... and only showed his foot and tail.
That'll teach him!

Don't expect that crochet magnolia for a while yet, although I'm anxious to make it….. I've got to work on replacing foodies in Magnolia Surprise that were depleted by a large order! Yay!! 

Double yay for the little girl who will find a bunch of fruits, veggies and desserts under the Christmas tree!

Wow, I've really got to get used to these larger photos! They seem HUGE!

I have written a little introduction about Magnolia Lane and I'd love for you to read it -- it's an imaginary place but hopefully explains a bit about my three Etsy shops in a fun way. I am not one to bombard you about the stuff I sell, but since that's a large part of what I do every day, it only follows that I would write about it!

I can't wait to get going on my new blog and hope you will follow along!  It's still a work in progress -- I really need to change up that right sidebar!

Funny how Along Magnolia Lane just happens to begin with the letter "A" and coincides with the 10th beginning of Alphabe-Thursday. You'd think I planned it that way…..

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Alphabe-Thursday where we are studying the letter A
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