Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flowers for the Bath

I'm on a flower scrubbie kick now! I just listed some in my shop and I think I'll do some more!

 Isn't that little pedestal sink the cutest? I found it in a thrift shop and just had to have it for a photo prop! It works perfectly for these scrubbies!

I've only done sets of eight before (one for each week day and an extra for laundry day!) but I think maybe that's too many, so I'm going to go to sets of three or five. Plus I plan to introduce plain round ones in two different sizes. Ah, the to-do list gets longer!

These next two are not in my shop -- after they sold (a looong time ago!) I just never replaced them. It might have had something to do with feeling like I had to made eight of them!!

Shabby Chic Scrubbies

Facial Scrubbies in Blues

Now my question to you is -- should I continue to put the hanger on them? I thought it might serve a purpose if the person washes their face in the shower or just wants to hang it up at the sink. But does the hanger detract from the flower? Oh, the decisions!!



IntoTheLight said...

Love the flower scrubbies! As far as the hanger goes, I would continue to put them on the's very convenient for hanging and I don't think it distracts from the flower at all :o)

Erin / Miri-love said...

Adorable! I love the pink varieties!

Found you on blogging buddies :) Lovely blog!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Love the pink ones :)

I think the hanger is a good idea, but honestly I don't know where I'd hang it. So maybe it's not necessary. You could offer both? And offering different quantities is always a good idea too :)

storybeader said...

I think the hangers are a great idea. And four in a set is a great number! {:-D

Erika said...

Sarah, I like these flowers! I do like the hangers. I can even visualize someone hanging them in a decorative way on a window or wall.

Christine Marie Ford said...

Your scrubbies are wonderful! I want them all. :)

Jenny said...

they are so adorable. I'd say keep the hanger. It will be convenient.

Great find at the thrift store! That sink makes a great photo prop.


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