Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

I seem to be on a strawberry kick -- crocheting away at cute little strawberry delights to add to my shop.
John Lennon would be pleased!

Do these look yummy, or what!!

And they have their very own storage bag (see the cute strawberries on the bag?)

Then there's two of the strawberries with a sweet strawberry pouch to carry them in, all in that same fabric storage bag!

I got such a kick out of that pouch -- it's a giant strawberry! My granddaughter has pretty much decided that she NEEDS it!

What else would have a strawberry? How about a cupcake!! Yummy chocolate cupcake with strawberry icing and whipped cream -- topped with a juicy little strawberry!

Are you craving strawberries yet?

♥♥♥  Linking my yummy, juicy, red strawberries at Rednesday over at It's a Very Cherry World!



Dorothy said...

Your strawberries and cupcake look good enough to eat!
Enjoyed visiting your blog.

Anonymous said...

Yum! I'm making strawberry jam this weekend...our first round of wedding favors:)

Cherry Chick said...

Sarah your yummy strawberries are VERY cute! I've seen a pattern for Cherries but while I can kinda crochet I can't read a pattern worth a ding dong. You did a wonderful job with your strawberry creation. Thanks so much for sharing with us on Rednesday.

The Old-Fashioned Housewife said...

These are super cute, they would make great baby/toddler toys indeed. And I am craving strawberries, although i did manage to freeze some from last summer which has helped take the edge off over the winter. :) thanks for sharing at Rednesday, you are a very crafty and talented lady. :)

Rose said...

Really cute Sarah! I bet that they'll do well on Etsy, too. Strawberry Fields is a very popular theme there. My Strawberry Fields cuff gets featured in treasuries just about every month.

BeadedTail said...

Those strawberries are so cute! I love strawberries so crave them often!

Kaili Williams said...

You crochet the cutest foods! I love that pouch.

Kathleen said...

Super cute!!!! What a great idea =) Love it on the cupcake, too!

Linda Pruitt said...

I thought that you were making a strawberry potholder, like my grandma had. These are so cute!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Looks good enough to eat! These are so cute and the little bags are perfect!

Splendid Little Stars said...

YES, I am! These are such a good idea and are adorable!

Jenny said...

so cute! I love those.

FlyAwayHome said...

OMG! I have got to stop browsing thru you posts. You are just so talented. Each project just gets cuter!


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