Wednesday, April 9, 2014

USPS ~ Service with a Smile?

Bam, bang goes the mail slot.

Mail's here!!

And this was in the mix

The torn envelope.

The sincere apology.

I got a big kick out of this notice. They are just so humble, so sincere, so willing to go the extra mile. Ha!

And yet, when I have packages propped directly in front of the mail slot, it is not unusual for said packages to be shuffled off to the side and not picked up! I have to watch them like a hawk and sometimes race out the door to deliver my packages to the postman. 

Oh how I long for my favorite postman who always picked up every package and looked to see if I had anything to mail, even if there was nothing for me. But he got another neighborhood (lucky them) and I now have a series of different letter carriers, some who are conscientious, and some that I have to go racing across the yard to catch. And then, of course, I give them a polite lesson on picking up my packages. (Yes, I am polite and do not accuse them. You get more flies with honey...)

But, "Oh, I didn't look at the address. I thought it was for you" doesn't float.

I am appreciative of the torn envelope being put inside the bag. And I think that overall the USPS does a fine job -- but I'd sure like to stop having to chase after my letter carriers!

So, what do you think...
Do they CARE?!!!

~ sharing over at Miss Jenny's for AlphabeThursday where we are studying the letter U



Monica said...

I miss having a postman (or woman) that knows my neighborhood. When we first moved here, it seemed we always had the same man. Then there were two. Then the first man was gone. Now I couldn't tell you how many different people we had. None of them seem very happy either. (Could have something to do with all the snow and ice we've had!)

I hope your letter was STILL inside that envelope!

Anna-Karin Eriksson said...

I understand that you miss your favorite postman, so nice to know that everything just goes as it should. Hope the ones you have now get the message soon!

Sue said...

Let's be honest; some care and some do not. And some are so incompetent that caring doesn't help that much!

I've had several that clearly can't read the address. Seriously.


PS. I've got a great carrier just now, thankfully.

Debbi Huntington said...

I've been blessed with a great carrier. Being on a rural route, she still takes the extra time to pull into the driveway and honk when I have a package, going or coming. :0)

Natashalh said...

Sadly, I've been less than satisfied with basically every form of shipment out here in Hawaii! I've received several battered and/or late packages from a couple different carriers, and "Priority" mail hasn't seemed much of a priority some times! On the other hand, my mail tends to come a couple hours earlier than it did at my last residence, and that makes me happy.

Lola said...

Our mailmen are generally OK - when they decide to deliver!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

All of our mail is delivered to a set of boxes at the bottom of the road and the sweet lady who delivers the mail can never get the right mail in the right box! So, we all have to stop and deliver the mail to each other. It's quite a pain but when you talk to her about it, she's very sad and apologetic and careful for a week or two and then drops back into her old habits...

carol l mckenna said...

Good to hear ~ great post for Alpabhe ~ wonderful!

Happy Weekend, artmusedog and carol, xoxo
(A Creative Harbor)

storybeader said...

I guess it depends on the postmaster and the individual carrier. But to actually write a form letter (as it probably is) is thinking kind thoughts. Someone at my work is so down on the PO, but I feel sorry for them - all the things they have to put up with! Individuals, governments, etc. {:-D

Kc W said...

I do feel your pain! Our regular mailman is pretty good. He should have the route down by now, he has had it for 10 years. It is the relief mailmen that randomly cover his day off each week and his vacations. OFTEN we get our neighbor's mail or they get ours. We have found mail laying in they yard! Do they care? I have my doubts.

Gattina said...

I have no problems with my mail"girl" she is a nice woman, but our post is the same as yours no service and on top it's a real snail mail !! Our envelopes were eaten up by real snails in our mailbox, lol ! Probably they work together !

Anonymous said...

I'm torn. I've had some good and some horrible experiences. Of course, my personal mail person (aka mom) is wonderful at mailing my packages.

fredamans said...

UPS could care more.... FedEx, same thing. Our national mailing system could care more the most though, and frankly, a letter of apology is not enough.

Abby / Linda said...

the Post Office is just stacked with regs and not much care, in my opinion. I hate going to my local PO because the over-the-counter personnel are not helpful-almost rude. I agree with some who think that the PO should be a private enterprise and it would probably be run more efficiently.


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