Monday, March 7, 2011

The Official Party ~ My Little Pony Style!

Yesterday was Noli's birthday party!  It was at a local park and was a beautiful day, a little chilly if you were in the shade, but perfect out in the sun. I can't believe she's already five! The time seems to have passed so quickly but then, looking back, it's hard to imagine a moment when she was not in my life. She's getting so big and grown up -- even though we still do a lot of cuddling, I wish I could turn back the calendar and replay those sweet, sweet baby days!

You couldn't miss the location -- you were greeted by this sign made by Daddy (Noli helped by putting on the stickers).

And this very cool Pony balloon. Noli loves, loves, loves My Little Pony! And of course, the ponies were very visable at her party!

Her cake was pony inspired -- made by a baker friend of a friend of Daddy. Or something like that. Anyway, it was a cute cake with a chocolate and strawberry surprise inside! Yum! Noli placed the star candles just where she wanted them to go. And loved the fact that she got another pony!

Mommy's cake that she makes for Noli each year (a yummy apple one), so it's become a tradition, didn't turn out so well this time. Mommy said she would bake another one, so I said we would have another, special, celebration. Besides, she has to use the sweet silver Winnie the Pooh candle holders that she got when Noli was just born and has used on the apple cake each year.

Aren't traditions wonderful?

The kids all had a great time -- a park is a perfect place for a birthday party! When my kids were little, we had many a party at the park! Easy clean-up and the kids make their own games -- what could be better?!!

They climbed.

They rock climbed.

Oops, I'm stuck!!

They rode bikes.

Noli got a new one, all pink and glittery, and I think there's a pony on it somewhere. She also got a new Razor bike from her cousin so they'll have the same thing. It's kind of an updated Big Wheel look. Good grief, the kid now has a bike, the Razor, a skateboard, a scooter. There's even a trike out on my patio that she won't let me get rid of! She is wheel city!! But I think the glittery bike with horn, bell, cool pouch, foot brakes AND hand brakes as she's so quick to point out, and of course, handlebar fringe, is her favorite!

They ate cake.

And they opened presents.

All in all, it was a fun time!


Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Looks like a great time!! She's so young to be loving her wheels so much. Better start saving now for a car or two.

Della said...

I remember when my kids were little, and the 5th bday is a pretty big one. Time to get ready for school now! It looks like a great party, and the kids had fun!

ReRe said...

You granddaughters birthday sure looks like a very special celebration. Thank God for grands!


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