Monday, March 21, 2011

Eye Spy...Something Red! A Look Back...

I just found a fun link party to join! Creative Friday Features is hosted by Little Andalucia and each week she will post a new theme. Then, you can join the party with a post you have written that fits with the theme. Fortunately, you can use an old post if you'd like! Yahoo! I'm saved!

Here's what she says about her linky party: "I like the idea of us supporting one another and the bigger the playground for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers the better it is in my opinion."  I totally agree!

This week's theme is "red" and my choice is a post I did back in August of 2009:  Eye Spy...Something Red!
It will be my entry on the link party, with an updated edit.

Here's how to get to the party:

Have fun reading the various blogs!
And you're welcome to join the party anytime!


storybeader said...

what a cute dress! {:-D

SpringShowers said...

Sounds fun :) Adorable dress!!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I can't wait til next week...this linky party stuff is fun!
Pretty little dress :)


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