Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Great discovery on Craft Cult! They have a widget that makes it so easy to post treasuries on your blog! I wanted to try it out and decided that I would the next time one of my shop items was featured in a treasury. Soooo, today's the day!

And I was thrilled to find that I'm in two treasuries!

The first is called Spring Green with Blossoms and it's made by Splendid Little Stars. She used lovely creations from members of the Etsy Blog Team. I'm thrilled that my Key Lime Pie Washcloths are included!

The second treasury, made by Into the Light, is called And on the Lighter Side... and features beautiful creations by members of My Texas Friends -- a team made up of Etsy crafters who reside in, or used to reside in, Texas. My Bridal Keepsake Pouch proudly sits side by side with wonderful Texas-made treasures!

Well, that was pretty easy! I'm glad I found out about this widget! Another cool aspect is that the item photos in the treasuries are clickable!! Brings you right to the shop!

To do it yourself, go to Craft Cult and click on Widgets at the top and then Treasury. Enter your Etsy username and choose the treasuries you've made, or those you're featured in. Choose your treasury from the drop-down and copy the code that comes up. Paste the code into your blog post using "Edit HTML."

The best way to do it (after a bit of trial and error on my part) is to type all your post and THEN paste the code where you want it. It doesn't show up on your "Compose" page so it's hard to tell where to put it. It will show on your "Preview" page, however.

I hope that was at least as clear as mud!  As Mikey's pals used to say:  Try it, you'll like it!!

Oh, and be sure to go visit the shops of the lovely friends who made the treasuries, as well as the featured items themselves!


Splendid Little Stars said...

Congratulations on the TWO treasuries! And thanks for posting about the widget! I'm going to try it! I have struggled in the past with capturing a treasury view.

MagdaleneJewels said...

Wow - I didn't realize about that link - great idea. Congrats on being in the Treasurys. I also post Treasury's on my FB page - now I can just use the link.
Thanks for letting us know!


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