Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whose Birthday Is It Today? ~ Wednesday Wanderings and the Shops Found Along the Way

A couple of pretty important people share a birthday today -- the ever sweet Noli and that all-time rhyming genius, Dr. Seuss! So it's not only Dr. Seuss Day and Read Across America Day honoring the great man, but it's also......Drumroll, please!......Miss Noli's FIFTH BIRTHDAY!   

Tonight we will celebrate family style at a restaurant with Mom, Dad, and both sets of Grandparents. Noli is a lucky girl to have her grandparents living nearby, and she sees all of us every week! Then Sunday is her big birthday bash!

The first stop today is the shop of a Facebook and CreateCrochet Team friend who has this cute Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat hat. by Desert Diamond.

Cute to wear while you're reading, well, The Cat in the Hat  :p
Vintage Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat by Junk Master.

This is so cute that maybe I could learn to love those green eggs! Love the fork sticking out of the ham!
Green Eggs and Ham Playset by Ms. Magpie Girl.

 I do not like them in a box, I do not like them with a fox, I do not like them Sam-I-Am, I do not like green eggs and ham! Possibly one of the coolest Dr. Seuss books of all time!!
Vintage Green Eggs and Ham by Fam in a Van. (Brand new vintage shop -- go check them out!!)

I love Horton! And when he's hearing a Who, he's just perfect!! No matter the size size size...
And this one is handpainted -- and edible! Fondant Elephant by Edible Details.

I remember reading the Dr. Seuss books to my children -- I always thought Horton was such a good guy!
Horton Hears a Who by Storybook Charm.

The Grinch is my absolute favorite Dr. Seuss character -- I love the old cartoon movie (and watch it every year). I love the way his heart is so teeny tiny at first and then GROWS three times its size. My kids always said they were going to get me Grinch slippers, but, alas, they never did!
Sip a bit of Christmas cheer from this wine glass and maybe you won't be so Grinchy anymore!!
The Grinch - Handpainted Glass by The Blushing Ivy.

And, of course, the book. Love it, love to read it! How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Missenpieces.

I really don't remember Dr. Seuss books from when I was little but I sure read my fill of them to my kids! Sometimes all the repetition drove me insane, but they were so funny that it didn't matter. We were all in giggles by the time we were through! I'll have to get more Dr. Seuss books for Noli. We have a few that I've kept thru the years but I'll have to get her more. She'll love them!

Soooo, a big HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miss Noli and to Horton, Grinch, Cat, Sam-I-Am and all the others!


CremeMagnolia said...

What a cool blog today, I loved those books as a child!

LoveandLustDesigns said...

I LOVE that grinch glass!

Must try to make my mom one for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Adorable hat!

Just J said...

Nice blog....I am also a grandmother, but of a six year old boy. We are the true extended family in that we live together...a lovely "mother-in-law suite" in the basement of my home has become my deweling and I love it. I read to Zane everynight and he looks forward to it.
Thanks for including my Suess book in your collection on this wonderful day.

Brightview said...

Love your findings today! Sporting my Horton Hears a Who shirt and can't wait to pick up my Thing 1 and Thing 2 from school - Happy Birthday Noli :)

Caitlin said...

Horton is ADORABLE!!



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