Monday, November 26, 2012

Bitty Kitty

A few weeks ago I mentioned the four outside kitties who have adopted us and are living in our yard and under the shed. All pics are taken through the glass back door with the highest zoom setting on my camera -- they won't let you get close to them, maybe about a foot away at the closest.

Outside Kitty was first -- now dubbed Patio by my husband. The same husband who originally said "Do Not Feed!" and now goes outside to scoop food every morning and sit with them while they eat their breakfast.  : )

Just look at that fabulous tail, held high and happy!!

Next, Earl Gray appeared (he started out as Big Gray but I decided Earl Gray suited him better!) He is very majestic and comes for breakfast and dinner! 

Then came Cali who, after a day or two brought her kitten that we named Bitty, or Bitty Kitty. 
She is a little one, full of fun and jumps and leaf chasing. 

Is it safe to come out, Mommy?

I'll fluff myself up to look like a big kitty....
but I think I'll still just hide behind Mommy, just in case Patio jumps on me....

She and Patio play and pounce and roll around and around. She's big enough to eat dry cat food and drink water, but from time to time I have seen her in what looks to be a nursing position at Cali's tummy. Or maybe they are just cuddling!

Cali is a good mommy, always keeping Bitty in her view, and watching Patio too.

Well, we haven't seen Bitty today (Sunday), and Patio hasn't been around as much. Cali is either under the shed or sitting looking out past the back fence where there is some wooded land and undergrowth. She just sits there. I'm so afraid that something has happened to Bitty -- and I never even got to cuddle her. I want to reach out to Cali and love her, but she runs away. They are all skittish and, even though we can get near, they run off if we get too close.

Now it's Monday and still no Bitty. Our neighbor said she heard some scratching sounds in our shed so we took a look inside. Something definitely was in there because some boxes were askew and one of my Christmas ornaments bins was knocked down to the floor. Ornaments scattered. Sigh.....

But Bitty is too small to knock down that big plastic bin. (And we did spy some rat droppings. Yuck)

Cali doesn't look toward the shed door, so we really don't think Bitty is in there, but we left the door open a while this morning anyway, just in case.

Cali has been to eat a couple of times already this morning, but no Bitty with her.  I'm sorry I'm sounding so down, but Bitty worked her way into my heart. I do hope she has simply lost her way and will return, or that some nice kitty-loving person has adopted her.

I'll post pics and talk about their cute antics another day, when I don't feel so blue.

Please keep Bitty in your thoughts and purrs  : )



BeadedTail said...

Oh noes! We hope Bitty is okay and comes back soon! We're sending purrs! All of them are adorable and we're glad you're taking care of them!

Angel & Isabella

Jamie Niebergall said...

Poor Bitty! I hope she comes back soon!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Beautiful pictures! Yes, I understand what you are going through. I have had Ferrel momma cats move into our large chicken coop with my girls and have babies. I get the kids to chase the babies before they get too big so that we can tame them and give them homes. It may have just been that someone caught her to take her home!

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

I agree that someone may have picked up Bitty otherwise Cali would be off looking for her. She was too cute. But you never know, she may still come back.

storybeader said...

so sorry that Bitty isn't around. I'm hoping an owl or something big didn't swoop down and get her. All of them are very pretty! That's nice that your DH is out there feeding them. And I like your "KittyPal" on the right! {:-D

LimeRiot said...

Oh no! I hope that Bitty comes back soon. I wonder if someone may have taken her inside? She is irresistibly cute.

Kathleen said...

Hope she comes out of hiding soon! What pretty kitties. Earl Grey is very stately, for sure!

Duni said...

Sarah, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Two outside kitties have found their way to my home and I put up a little house and "feeding station" outside on the terrace. While Molly comes for breakfast and dinner, Emily doesn't come regularly and that worries me.
I pray that little Bitty is okay!! Normally her Mom wouldn't come to eat at your place if her little one was missing - she would roam the area to look for her. Sending prayers and purrs that Bitty will turn up again ♥
Keep us posted!

Gattina said...

I would worry too ! It's so nice that you take care of these kitties ! I hope one day they let you close enough !

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that Bitty returns! You're so sweet for taking care of them and I hope she comes back to you!

Kaili Williams said...

So many cuties! Wishing the best for little Bitty :(

Anonymous said...

Oh my! This is heartbreaking. I really hope you catch sight of her soon. Perhaps mommy is just keeping her out of sight, or like you said, she got scooped up by some kitty loving family:)

Rose said...

I hope that Bitty is okay! You know that she will be in my thoughts this week. I enjoyed seeing pictures of all of your lovely backyard inhabitants.

Linda Pruitt said...

At my daughter's house, the neighbor cats have a bunch of litters, from time to time. My daughter got attached to a couple of the kittens and they disappeared too. I don't know what happened. It's sad. Hope bitty shows up!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Thanks for sharing all your kitty photos!
I can hope with you that someone with a kitty-loving heart has adopted that cute little kitten.

pasqueflower said...

What sweet kitties!!

superpaige said...

We are not cat people, in fact I've never owned a cat before, but we have a 3 legged kitty who has adopted us, and we now feed her. She even brought us a mouse the other day.


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