Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Neil Diamond

Oh yeah
Neil Diamond

my favorite singer of all time

of all time.... yes!!

"Sweet Caroline" is probably his most well known recording. 
Did you know that Caroline Kennedy was the inspiration?
Or that it's played at Boston's Fenway Park at every Red Sox home game?
.... before the bottom of the 8th inning

Sweet Caroline 
the audience participation is the fun part!
"so good, so good, so good!"

This concert is from 2008 at Madison Square Garden.  I saw him around that time -- probably on the same tour -- and let me tell you, he commands as great an audience now as he ever did when he was first recording (maybe even bigger) and who cares that he speaks most of his songs now rather than sing every note! He is, hands down, the best of the best! In my humble opinion. Yes, yes, he's my first love....
Yes, yes I have albums, CDs, know all the songs -- even the lesser known ones and maybe they are the best...

"Solitary Man" was the first song written and sung by Neil Diamond, about Neil Diamond.  He had been writing for other performers, but this one kicked off his career as a singer-song writer. 

It was the song that introduced me to Neil Diamond, and is still one of my favorites.

"Brooklyn Roads"
You may not be familiar with this one
It tells the story of Neil's Brooklyn upbringing and was recorded in 1968

Says Neil....
"I had just signed with MCA Records and wanted to stretch my creative wings. This is the most literal and personal story I had written up to that point. 'Brooklyn Roads' told of my youth and my aspirations. I loved the freedom of being able to write something without the charts in mind."

"Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show"
live performance on the Johnny Cash Show in 1970

a little fun first with Johnny Cash and then he really belts out this song!
Pay attention to the part where he is talking about the tent revival that he attended in Mississippi
(this is not a part of the song -- but is very telling about Neil himself)
and then he continues with Brother Love preaching...
From the very emotional evidence in this performance, I would say that Neil is singing, not only from his heart, but also from his soul.

♥♥♥   Linking Neil over at Miss Jenny's for Alphabe-Thursday where we are studying the letter N.

Jenny Matlock



MyJourneyBack said...

Love it. I vote your "N" the best. Wished I had thought of it. I agree my favorite too! I especially love the old stuff.
My grown kids are even fans from heearing me play the tunes.
Thanks for sharing this.
You gave me a smile!

Stacia said...

Sweet Caroline! I love that song. And there's just something about his voice ... gorgeous.

Tracy Cook said...

Forget his voice he has a fab rear lol
I have been very lucky to see him twice. Once was in the round in Manchester not sure which is my favourite thank you

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

oh my, thanks for the great memories...time to get my old vinyl albums out!

Anonymous said...

Great choice for N ~ Love his music ^_^ especially Sweet Caroline ~

Anonymous said...

Great choice for N ~ Love his music ^_^ especially Sweet Caroline ~

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

I hear "Sweet Caroline" on the radio all the time, and I always do the audience participation part along with it. And if anybody is in the car with me when it comes on, they have to do it, too!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I love me a little Neil - Sweet Caroline is my very favorite...

Lola said...

Such an interesting *N* post – great choice! Neil's one of my all-time favorites!

Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday

Memories for Life said...

Sweet Caroline is such a great song! Neil has so many great hits!

Karen S. said...

Oh yeah! I agree!

Heather Everson said...

My mom is in love with him, I always tease her about it :)

Visiting from Blogging Buddies

Sandy said...

My mom and I saw him in concert back in the 80's and it was a GOOD concert..
Love your N word

storybeader said...

lots of things I didn't know. Like Sweet Caroline! My fondest memories are driving to the west coast in 1969 w/ mom and sister - whenever I hear a song from then, I always remember! {:-D

Splendid Little Stars said...

I'm enjoying your musical rip through the alphabet!
I love Solitary Man!
It seems Neil has lost some of the quality of his voice--too bad.
so fun to listen to all these familiar songs you've posted!

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Love Sweet Caroline, great song! Saw him in concert, I love so many of his songs!

Sandy's Creations in Clay said...

I went to one of his concerts ~ it was extraordinary! I absolutely adore his music!!!

Jenny said...

Neil is so neat!

I've always loved his nifty songs!

I think they might ALL be my favorites!

Thanks for a fun link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "N".



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