Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hurties are not fun for kitties

This is Funny Face aka Face

He is one of the outside kitties and got the Funny Face nickname because of his silly look and his little grey goatee and his big ole ears!

Especially a cutie when he was little and hadn't grown into those ears!

When I was feeding the outside kitties on Sunday evening, I noticed that Face was walking rather carefully with one of his rear legs sticking out. So when they finished eating and moved out into the yard I got my next-door neighbor's dog cage and put it near the back door where I keep a box for the cats to curl up in. I put in towels and covered the sides with towels to help keep out the cold. I rigged the door with a bungie cord so I could shut it quickly should Face get inside.

On Monday he showed up to eat breakfast, still sticking that foot out, but nobody wanted to get inside the cage, even with food inside. But Monday evening the little stinker got in! I was hiding and watching from the sun room so I was able to slap that door shut! Quick like a bunny!

Face settled down, didn't go nuts and try to hurl himself against the cage walls. Thank goodness. I could see a sore area on his leg, right near that backwards knee.

Come Tuesday morning, we took him to Oliver's vet.

Oliver interlude.... I wanted to go too 'cause I like to get wrapped up in a towel to ride to the kitty doctor, and because they are so nice to me. But, alas, they left me behind and only took that outside kitty. (Sad meowzer) But he didn't get wrapped up in a towel -- he went in a big cage that belongs to my next-door dog doodle, Sadie. 

I looked out that hole in the door and watched them leave....
That hole is really funny -- almost every day somebody throws stuff through it.
I bet it's that dog doodle Sadie.

Face was so good. Of course the vet helper had a good hand on his scruff so he stayed still while the vet cleaned his wound. It was pretty yucky.

And then we discovered that the wound went all the way though to the other side. Poor guy. No wonder he was looking so sad. The vet injected an antibiotic that stays in their system several days -- meaning that we didn't have to apply anything to Face's foot (that might not have been such a pretty sight since I failed to mention that Face is not only an outside kitty, he is a feral outside kitty. Double yikes. Hands have never touched him, except when he was a tiny newborn and we had to move them.

So now he is in the cage (outfitted with a potty and towels) and on the sun porch so he's inside out of the cold. After a couple more days, we'll let him back outside. But in the meantime, we're getting lots of pets in through the cage bars and hoping he remembers how we cared for him when he was hurt.

The potty takes up a lot of room but Face doesn't seem to mind. He's got plenty of curling up room.

On a positive note, the vet said he thought Face would be a good candidate for being more friendly -- he said that when a wound is on the leg it means that he was trying to get away, rather than being the aggressor where a wound would more probably be on the upper body or head. 

And of course he has lived in our yard for almost nine months now! So we have high hopes for Mr. Funny Face!

Meanwhile Oliver is very interested in the kitty in the cage! But, of course, before I could snap a pic, he was in snooze mode on the bed.

Oh no's -- I lost my ears!

Whew, they're back.... I have to rest a bit after that scare! 
Thought fur sure I was gonna have to go to the kitty doctor too!

Oh, and I just had a look at Face and could see his leg -- the wound is looking much better today!


sharing Funny Face's Hurtie over at Miss Jenny's for Alphabe-Thursday where we are studying the letter H.





jfb57 said...

Ouch! That looked really sore. We hate it when our animals are hurt don't we?

Cathy Kennedy said...
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Cathy Kennedy said...

So glad you were able to capture Face and get him to the Vet. It's been so cold. His little spot in the sunroom has to be a welcome treat.

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Oh man! I wonder what happened to him! Good thing you were around to help. :-)

BeadedTail said...

Oh, poor Face! We're so glad you were able to help him so he can heal up! He is such a handsome kitty (not as handsome as you Oliver!) so we hope he stays a friendly kitty! Thank you so much for taking such good care of these kitties!

Carol L McKenna said...

Hugs and more hugs to Funny Face ~ and so lucky to have you ~ Wonderful photos ~ and thanks for visiting and commenting ~ carol, xxx

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What a sweetie you are for taking such good care of him...

Lola said...

Love the post – great pics!

He's such a cutie!

Rose Clearfield said...

Aw, poor little guy! I'm glad that he got the treatment that he needed. And the big ears are too adorable.

Sue said...

Face is a lucky cat! And I hope he recovers well.
Those ears are pretty dang cute.


Mechelle said...

Sorry the kitty got hurt.

Kc W said...

SO glad that Face is doing better. He was lucky you noticed and helped and I do hope he remembers you! Twiggy, Twursula and Shebee all send get well wishes!

Debbi Huntington said...

poor baby...have you thought of keeping him as an indoor pet? he is awfully cute. :0)

Lmkazmierczak said...

Glad that there's a happy ending...He's darling with those big ears!

storybeader said...

Face is a funny looking guy! It was great that he went to the vet without a lot of trouble. Maybe he will become an inside kitty? {:-D

Memories for Life said...

Glad Face is doing well. And I hope he remembers all the loving he's getting and lets you pet him outside now :)
We just had to give our kitty a shot too...came home with an owie! Darn cats, why do they do that! And he's even fixed...ugh!

Gattina said...

How nice of you to take such good care of this poor kitty ! I love the big ears, gives him a special look. He doesn't seem like a feral cat at all, he would never stay so quiet and comfy in this cage ! Feral cats behave otherwise. Maybe you can tame him ?

Natashalh said...

Oh my gosh - all the way through! Poor kitty. I'm so glad he has you to help him out and that he cooperated well enough during the experience.
Oliver looking through the mail slot is too funny!

fredamans said...

So glad you got Face the help he needed. Good eyes that you noticed him favoring his leg.

Duni said...

Oh Sarah, I'm so glad you managed to get Face into that cage and brought him to the vet. Happy to hear he's on the mend. The same thing happened to Leo, my outside kitty last year and I also tried that trick with placing food inside a cage...but Leo wasn't fooled. So hubby and I had to do it the old fashioned way - an experience I definitely don't want to repeat!
Haha, the pic of Oliver looking through the mail slit in the door is too funny :)
Thank you, Sarah, for having a big heart for our furiends. You're a star!

Splendid Little Stars said...

ooo....owie! How kind of you to take him to the vet.
(Oliver is a cutie!)

Annesphamily said...

Oh how we love our little furry friends! I read the latest post so know he is recovering well. Enjoy the week. And those fur babies too.

Jenny said...

Funny Face is a very handsome kitty...

I always enjoy hearing Oliver's perspective of events happening at home...

I'm also happy to hear that Face is on the mend!

Kudos to you!

Thanks for linking to the letter "H"!



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