Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just for Laughs ~ Groceries, Less for More

I thought I'd start to share some silly stuff -- sometimes on Friday, sometimes on Saturday, depending on my mood, the weather, the moon last night, whatever strikes my fancy.... Don't hold me to it though.... ha!

Anyway, a few nights ago, hubby made a quick run to the grocery store -- we were out of coffee for the morning and that can't possibly EVER HAPPEN!

We are nothing without our coffee in the morning! He can hold out longer than I can, but if I don't have a cup within 5 minutes of waking up, there will be consequences!

We do most of our everyday shopping at Aldi (eggs, milk, bread, English muffins, canned stuff, potatoes, cheese.... regular stuff, plus NO plastic bags) but go to Kroger for most fruits and veggies (Aldi is pathetic in the produce department)....

and Albertson's for our coffee because they are the only store to sell it in the BIG 32 oz size which is much more economical than the regular size. And they are pretty close by for those late night *Oh no, we're out of coffee!* runs  :p

When he came back, he said he didn't think he had ever spent so much for so few items... almost $50 for 7 items --- seven!!

He bought two Tropicana oj's (no other brand will do), peach preserves, tp, a furnace filter, motor oil and, of course, the coffee. And we won't speak of prices for tp these days....

You can see that we've already hit the oj and the preserves (and the coffee)... and he immediately used the furnace filter and the motor oil.

But $47.71  for THAT? At Aldi, we can spend less and have so much food we can't find places for it in the fridge or pantry!

But, hey, we saved  $3.47!!

And about that furnace filter? That's a story in itself! He took out the old filter, which had gotten sucked up inside -- because it was a tad too small. He knew about this one, but unknown to him was the fact that THREE of those filters had gotten sucked up inside the furnace. We had bought a pack of three that turned out to be an inch too short, but every time he changed it, he thought the previous one had fallen to the floor since it was too small and just put the new one in. But actually, they all got sucked up inside! He was pretty funny laying on the floor, digging filters out of the furnace!

And needless to say, our furnace is now purring like a kitten!

Hope your day is full of giggles!



Duni said...

ha, well thank goodness you realized the filters were still stuck in there!
The last time I went grocery shopping I received a gift - a little polar bear :)

Kc W said...

I had never heard of Aldi -- they don't have them on the west coast but they do look like a great place to shop! I use Stater Brothers as the prices are so much better than Albertson's -- although not as big of a selection. I deal! You're like me with the coffee! Our current coffee maker doesn't have a timer so I get up, turn it on and go back to bed until it is ready. I need my coffee!

pasqueflower said...

Sticker shock at the grocery store for sure!

I used to be that way with Diet Coke -- needed that caffeine jolt within minutes of waking. But I've pretty much kicked that habit. I love the smell of coffee, but never acquired a taste for it.

Not a fun job, digging out those old filters, I'm sure! I probably need to change our filter soon--the furnace had quite a workout during those sub-zero days.

BeadedTail said...

Glad he figured out the filter situation! We don't like coffee so maybe that's why we have a hard time getting going in the morning! Our Albertson's closed last year probably because a block away at Winco you can get three bags of food for $50 and only half a bag at Albertson's. Crazy!

Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness! Too funny about the furnace filters. Glad they didn't do any damage. Yes, prices are shocking these days.

Memories for Life said...

I get a shock every time I go grocery shopping! So expensive these days! But somethings are worth the coffee and tp :)
Too funny about the filters...glad they didn't cause any troubles before you found them!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The sizes of the packages keep shrinking, too. We looked at a new box of pasta last night and it had less ounces than the old one. You really have to shop around these days! Glad your furnace is purring! It's cold! Sweet hugs!

Sheryl Hastings said...

We have decided that we spend way too much at the grocery store. And sometimes when we don't communicate with each other, we both stop and pick up the same things.

The prices do add up fast don't they. And I agree that there are certain brands that will only do!

storybeader said...

what a coincidence! I just checked my heater's filter yesterday, and it was so clean! With Danny and the doggie gone, there's no dirt in the house! But I have to defend your husband - he did get some of the most expensive, but necessary, items! {:-D

Sierra Sue said...

It was the darn jam that did it!!
Sierra Sue


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