Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Sunday Inspiration ~ Love Quilts

One of my favorite pastimes is cross-stitching. It's very relaxing and I can do it with one eye on the TV.  : )

So I cross-stitch for Love Quilts, which is an organization of awesome stitchers who cross-stitch blocks which are in turn made into beautiful quilts for children with life-long or life-threatening illnesses. Each child has a theme picked out by the parents or the child and we sign up to stitch away.

Inspirational Words and Phrases Special Kids Theme
Stitched February 2011

I have learned that I just can't stitch for every child there is, so I try to always stitch for those that are from Texas. Or sometimes one just touches my heart so much that I just have to sign up for that child. It's hard, these children are alway so sweet and so sick.  And the parents almost always talk about how strong the child is, and how much they (the parents) have learned from this small child leading the way along the long and scary path they are on.

Stitched for Tylynn January 2011

I wish I could stitch more for this organization, but I do have to balance things out with crochet for my shops -- and sometimes it seems that I just can't get either one done! Fortunately, they don't depend on me! There are many, many talented stitchers who create many, many beautiful quilt squares. It just amazes me how talented they are, and how they can stitch in such volume!

Any Child Square Stitched April 2011
Fortunately, there are "Any Child" categories that are ongoing and don't need a due date! Like this cute pair!

This is the finished quilt for Tylnn. You can see my rainbow square (above) just above the last square on the bottom left.

If you scroll down this page, you'll see the little banner with a panda -- that's always there so you can come back and see the current children and photos of squares and finished quilts, and maybe sign up to stitch for a child that grabs your heart.

It's a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon!



memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a wonderful organization! I'm sure each of these children are very grateful for their quilt!

FabricFascination said...

What a work of love, these are precious. I'm sure they will be cherished.

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

This is a neat way to make love quilts. I am sure it is a blessing to you!


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