Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Little Privacy, Please!

Not long ago, I treated Oliver to a new kitty box -- one with a top to give the boy a bit of privacy.

Sometimes, when I am in the laundry room where his kitty box resides, he zooms in, squishes his immense bulk inside, turns around, and looks so serious while tending to his bathroom duties. I can't help it, Oliver! You're just too hysterical!

Going in.

I'm not even going to look at you and your ever present camera.
Can't you just give a guy his privacy?


Oh, by the by, his kitty litter is in the one with the yellow top on the right. The others are for storage of various things. I'm kind of like Hoarders when it comes to litter containers.... :o)


P.S. ~ Oliver wanted to show you his new signature, above. He just learned to sign his name and is very proud of it! (It is a tad messy, but writing is hard to do when you don't have thumbs....)


Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Well, at least you let him show off his signature after torturing him with those photos!

Della said...

We, I mean my son, has a cat box like that, too! Now I have a reason to buy litter in a big container...re-usability!

Janet said...

Hmmm, never thought to do a post about that! Funny!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a cutie! Tell him no privacy...we want to see his sweet furry face :)
Love the signature :)

randomcreative said...

One of my roommates in college had a boy cat who did the same thing with his covered litter box. Too funny!

Jenny said...

That's awesome. My kitty Milo (another orange tabby) does the exact same thing in his box. Then he always bolt out and runs around the apartment for a few seconds at top speed. He's so weird.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Oliver, your signature is quite dashing just like you!
I'm with you on the privacy thing! really!!

Jordan said...

Hahaha, he looks so loving in these pictures!! ;D My cats would hate me for life!

Re said...

Too funny how they are modest, when we all know how they clean themselves... LOL!!! Mine won't look at me either if I am looking at them while they are going... in return, they love to pay me back by coming into the bathroom while the "gr-ups" are going. We got the same box, not for privacy though, but to try to help contain the moving liter. Also save most of the empty liter containers, they are a great potty on the boat, butt before, a place to bring the bait from the bait shop to the boats well. Oh, and you can use them to be green also ... leave one or more outside in the rain to use the water for your indoor plants, washing your hair, and more!

Healing Hues Art - Positive Paintings for Healing, Rejuvenation and Joy! said...

I actually have the larger version of this for my cat and she will not, I repeat, WILL NOT go in with the lid on so now I just have a bigger litter box. The lid serves as a "catch all" on the table by the microwave. *sigh* Who owns who, eh? *laughing*


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